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Chemtrails/Incendiaries/Dessicants based/Media/Globalist hyped False Flag Global Warming

Global Warmibg & Climate Change are orchestrated False Flag events, all of them, provably so, every one of them, so stop promoting foss…

Started by Chuck Boldwyn

1 Aug 12, 2020
Reply by Chuck Boldwyn

Alex Jones: 9/11 Was A Inside Job- TTTG Networking

The following image files came from TTTG Networking, files have been opened to the network team because of the attacks against conservative…

Started by HenryMassingale

10 Nov 5, 2018
Reply by HenryMassingale

The REAL Fox News, The Real Tucker Carlson on 9-11

Went through quite a bit to get this 2008 video of Tucker Carlson, Fox TV "upsttanding patriot host" calling people who question the offici…

Started by Jeannon Kralj

0 Oct 13, 2018

9-11 "truth" goes woo-woo

FYI Just in case anyone is still interested in 9-11 truth theories and their most recent iterations. Just my cursory view and have not exp…

Started by Jeannon Kralj

0 Sep 25, 2018

9-11 truth CONTAMINATED by mixing it with other, some true /some false. entities and information

My point is posting this thread is to show how 9-11 truth is being diluted or weakened by combining 9-11 with USS Liberty events and having…

Started by Jeannon Kralj

0 Aug 31, 2018

"Fake News" Wikileaks Pizzagate etc.

I just listened to this recent interview of Dr. Fetzer where he touches on several major issues of concern to those who are desperately se…

Started by Jeannon Kralj

2 Aug 15, 2018
Reply by HenryMassingale

Spotify.com Removed Christian And Country Music Deeming It ‘Hate Speech’

As stated before, I am very political in my views, so from time to time I will share a political opinion. I would consider this opinion, Sp…

Started by HenryMassingale

0 Jun 9, 2018

It Must be True It Was On the Internet 119

 It Must be True It Was On the Internet, 119 Mirrored 911, found these two videos, at first it was like, ok what ever, now I figured what t…

Started by HenryMassingale

0 Oct 11, 2017

Can The American People Stop Another 9/11

 To many issues, to many lies, things not seen, things seen and shared, but in truth with those in office, justice will never be served. Th…

Started by HenryMassingale

2 Jun 19, 2017
Reply by HenryMassingale

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Magna Carta

 The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher. In this video, m…

Started by HenryMassingale

2 Jun 19, 2017
Reply by HenryMassingale


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