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"$1000, Reward to anyone who proves the "9/11 Truth Proclamation wrong!"

[VOSI 911 - Activists] 2013-09-09: "$1000, Reward to anyone who proves the "9/11 Truth Proclamation wrong!"

VOSI Webmaster <webmaster@voicesofsafety.com>
11:10 AM (2 hours ago)
to me
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"$1000, Reward to anyone who provesthe "9/11 Truth Proclamation wrong!"


Read the "9/11 Truth Proclamation" (www.thesovnews,com ) that proves the U.S. government has lied to you for 12 years.


Read  the September "The  Sovereign" for proof that the "Lizard of Oz"  should be impeached for treason.


All my fellow munchkins in this land of Oz are invited to prove the "9/11 Truth Proclamation" is wrong and this government's liars are correct!


Send your challenge to "The Sovereign".


If youve been checkmated than oppose this tyranny and expose thiis fraud called Oz.


Editor, "The Sovereign"

Voices of Safety International Website Donald C. Meserlian, PE - Chairman
Voices of Safety International (VOSI)

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