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I've recently released four years' research into 9/11 under the title "Collateral Lies" and would welcome feedback (it's available for free download from www.obooko.com). My work was inspired quite by chance after I had seen a video by Richard D. Hall in which he suggested the plane was a holograph. To be honest I was more interested in his use of Google SketchUp in mapping the flight path, which I subsequently used to create an animation of the attacks on the Twin Towers. Having recreated Lower Manhattan in 3D I was able to review the path of the plane from almost any angle as it flew over the rooftops. However, it was only when I aligned the model for the correct location, azimuth and time that I noticed how convenient that second attack had really been. It led me to more in-depth research of events leading up to 9/11 and the days after, which I decided to publish as a factual novel in the hope it might appeal to a wider audience. It is included as the first part of "Collateral Lies".

The second part of the book is a review of the FBI evidence against the alleged attackers. Having spent over 16 years working in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia alongside Arabs from many countries and backgrounds, I believe I am in a better position than many to comment on their attitude towards people from the West and especially so considering my experience during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait when I had to rely on the good nature of these people to survive. Again, this part of the book is written with more than a dash of artistic licence, without which it would be quite tedious.

Having spent so much time collating the information I then decided to include the results of my research in the third part of the book. It covers everything from the conception of the original WTC and the unique aspects of their construction through to an analysis of their collapse and NISTs conclusions. Also I have included a thorough review of the newscasts on the day and recreation of the much overlooked first attack from eye-witness testimonies. I draw attention to anomalies in video evidence and in particular aspects of Pavel Hlava's video, and a review of FBI evidence from Urban Moving Systems, neither of which I have seen discussed in other 9/11 truth sites. Finally there is my own take of why the towers had to go and who might be responsible.

Apologies if so much of my research is not new to this audience. I do hope that everyone finds something of interest to keep the debate alive.

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Yes, please upload the videos. I have a copy if they disappear!

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