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Good interview re. Fast & Furious gunwalking program by author Katie Pavlich

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Holder is a criminal. Thanks Jeannon, hope you are on the mend!!

Blessings, Shallel

This Fast and Furious program is so evil and Machiavellian.  Three US Border control agents killed on US soil with these guns and hundreds, and possibly thousands of Mexican citizens, have been killed with these guns.


The Arizona gun shops were forced and extorted to sell the AK 47s and 50 calibre guns to the "straw purchaser" drug cartel thugs.


All for the purpose of sabotaging the Second Amendment.  The plan was to go ahead and let a lot of innocent people be murdered with these guns and then Holder and Obama and gang would then blame bad old gun sellers and right of people to keep and bear arms.


This is so evil that it is hard to wrap my mind around it.  Still holder is not in prison and there is no accountability.  This is intollerable!



If you think you just have a stomach virus and you will get well after a couple of days, think again.  Go to the doc after 24 hours of the symptoms and let them get a real diagnosis.

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