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Video posted by Shallel Octavia of 6-7-12 Fetzer, Barret, Trapley et al.

I thought it would be cool to have a discussion of this most interesting phone conference / radio show.


I have only listened a little more than one third through and will finish listening tomorrow.


Webster Tarpley is certainly "the man of the hour" these days.  Alex Jones has just had a major falling out with him and so have almost all the conservative talk show hosts.  Alex J. called Tarpley a "Marxist Leninist" on today's show and stated that Dr. Tarpley admits this of himself. 


I respect Tarpley and I do to some extent see his point about our focusing a bit too much on "Israel" or "the Zionists."  But I also think that we do not begin to truly understand the profound depth of the Israel / Zionist / Jewish revolutionary spirit  influence on world history over the last several centuries, perhaps over the last two millennia.  Webster Tarpley loves to focus on the "Wall Street oligarchs" but aren't the Wall Street oligarchs one and the same, for the most part, as the Zionists and those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit? I am not being facetious.  I ask the question sincerely.


I would also comment that Dr. Tarpley does not appear to be truly opposed to the "New World Order" or world government for the right reasons.  He only opposes it because he perceives that as an "operation" of the world financial oligarchs.  But the true reason one world government is bad is that it is a death and slavery system that does not respect the dignity of each human being and that will destroy all freedom and the true nature of the individual human person.  It will be hell on earth because of what it is.  It would never be anything good or acceptable even if it were not owned and operated by the world's financial oligarchs, but Dr. Tarpley I do not think agrees with me on this.


Webster T. is strongly against capitalism.  I am beginning to be also.  I am wondering if the entire founding of our USA and the capitalism thing was not very evil from the beginning and certainly not Christian.  I am beginning to question if there was ever a period in our history when we had what Jefferson termed "government of the people, by the people and for the people."  It think that wonderful idealistic phrase and idea has always been held before us, but I cannot see that we have ever had that.


I am vehemently opposed to Marx and Lenin and communism and fascism and do not think we have fully formulated a good economic or social system outside that whole "communism / fascism" world of thought.  We should be promoting and working toward good national economic and social systems and we should acknowledge the proper role of world government.  There is a need for some kind of world government, that would for example operate like the Geneva Conventions, and oversee certain important matters of relations between nations, but I never have heard or read any discussion of this so I am not knowledgeable about it.  I believe the rich oligarchs of the world seem always to be able to take over and rule everything.




My Internet Explorer (I think I have the second to latest version - version 6 or 7) shuts down every time I click on this forum's posting of this audio only "video" which is found at



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Use this link, Jeannon, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk2KpUkAtU0&feature=player_embedded

and please get Safari http://www.apple.com/safari/ or Firefox http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

they are much more secure the IE.

Great points! I think Capitalism stopped when Fascism began. Too bad we missed the warning signs.

Love, Sha

Here's the late-night, inhibition-free, battery-challenging discussion between Tarpley and a Jones at Bilderberg 2012 Protest. 


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