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Hurricane Erin on morning of 911 near NYC - Is Dr. Judy Wood's Tesla-Coil-Like Energy Source to Destroy WTC by (DEW)s, utilizing interfering Tesla-Like energy "combined Field-Effects"-Judy's Claim!!!

Dr. Judy Wood has suggested/claimed or "Data-Interpreted", that Hurricane Erin acted as a naturally, Nature-ally self-generated into existence, Tesla Coil, and it’s active form(s) of Energy (was/were) somehow siphoned off and used to somehow generate various types of directed interfering electrical, magnetic, gravitational and perhaps other types of Tesla-like, multi-combined, mixed, and somehow interferring “Energy Fields” to somehow appear to "Explosive-Like" destroy all the WTC buildings, in seemingly precise and also, non-precise ways, and destroy, damage, or effect many nearby vehicles, upholstery, tires, buildings, marble, windows, and dust-cloud-fleeing persons, in the form of some unknown Directed Energy Weapon(s), DEW(s), Beams, and is claimed/suggested to be somehow responsible for all of the vast number of varied weird, strange, and anomalous destructive “field-effects” that Dr. Wood has theoretically brain-stormed into existence during her many years of 911 WTC research.

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