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9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Full-length, Pre-Release-v1.3; Low-Res.



9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Full-length, Pre-Release-v1.3; Low-Res.





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hi Margot,

     yeah, i often think that the swine who did 9/11 don't give us

truthers much thought because somehow or nother they have

bribed/threatened/sweet-talked 'everyone' into playing stupid about

9/11, obummer included, of course, not to mention our piss-ass

brainfouled cawngriss, and howmever they managed to do that,

it seems to make all of our efforts SEEM fruitless.  .....and yet

they watch us, and spy on us and infiltrate our groups, etc.  (hi

guys, how's that working out for you?)............

       i appreciated your comment and hope you check back often

and stuff, we do like to hear what our members here have to say..


      any progress on that photo of you so we know we aren't really

talking to a koala bear?    he's cute, but we'd rather see you.  and

'we' are trying to get as much of a uniform real people chart of members



     don't be a stranger, keep the comments coming...                love, sandy.



I've been quite busy with university lately, but now that Thanksgiving break is approaching I will be glad to be more of a participant in the forums. I added a picture labeled under my middle name, but I don't know how to make it my icon. I'm not too computer savvy.  -Margot

hi Margot,

     good to hear from you again.   i see i can't send a message to you

yet,?   so i'm posting this here..    yeah, i'm really not all that swift myself

at computer stuff, but, if you would like to change your photo....    first

save the photo you want to use, i guess in 'owner pictures', then go to

your page, find 'profile' and click on 'edit' that, then click on the 'browse'

box, go find your photo, preview and select it, and then save it.  

      feel free to ask if you still have questions and we do look forward to

hearing from you again.   




For those interested, this video, "Explosive Evidence" will be aired tonight on ColoradoPublicTV

www.cpt12.org. press Watch Online and choose worldwide stream
go here...

It will air this Saturday evening at 7 p.m. Mountain Time, that is in about 15 minutes.

Mr. Gage visited Austin area last week and is reviving the circulation of this video, even though the video was first aired one year ago.

My position on this video and what it is really meant to accomplish has not changed. The video has pretty much lain dormant for one year, but this current effort of Mr. Gage to go around the country and promote the showing of the video widely now is directly related to the 11th anniversary of 9-11.

There are a lot of issues in this

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