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Almost overlooked in the extensive studies of buildings One, Two and Seven is the tremendous explosion of Building SIX, before either tower fell. I have posted several photos showing the damage, and photos of the dust cloud raised by the explosion on Vesey Street. I believe this explosion of BUILDING SIX is evidence of planted bombs or a DEW weapon. The building was NOT hit by a plane nor falling debris.

I invite discussion.

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Hi Jack

I enjoyed looking at your study very much. I am inclined to lean towards the DEW arguments and have looked at Dr. Judy Woods' study previously. The thing that clinches it for me is the apparent loss of mass or 'dustification' as she put it. The body of building 6 is just not there. The only other option would have to be nuclear weaponry but this surely would have totalled the building. Lets postulate that a beam were being aimed from high above the WTC complex. The margin for error over a huge distance is tiny. A couple of misdirected shots or reflections of a beam weapon and oops! there goes building 6!


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