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CBS was the broadcast center on 911 01. WTC 7 was Giuliani's command center

All of use know that WTC7 was the downtown command center for the implosions of 911, orchestrating witnesses, dropping fake plane parts, directing 911 interviews.


2 weeks ago, I told another youtube poster about PVI and that it was a PVI virtual animation that was aired on 911. He sent me an article which absolutely proves CBS is the network that generated the 911 plane graphic animation that all other networks took as the main feed on 911. Until I read this article I had no idea from where the PVI virtual animation came. This article says CBS bought a PVI LVIS computer in 2000 for the Early Show:


CBS Is Divided Over the Use Of False Images In Broadcasts
By BILL CARTER Published: January 13, 2000 (2 Pages)

 "Dan Rather, the CBS News anchor, called the decision to superimpose a digitally created CBS logo to block out an NBC-sponsored sign in Times Square during CBS's news coverage of New Year's Eve celebrations ''a mistake'' that he regrets.

''There is no excuse for it,'' Mr. Rather said in a telephone interview today. ''I did not grasp the possible ethical implications of this and that was wrong on my part.''

"While he questioned whether CBS should have acted at all to alter the reality of a scene in this way, he said, ''At the very least we should have pointed out to viewers that we were doing it.''

. . .

(Page 2 of 2)

''I'm certain we're not going to make blanket use of this technology,'' he said, but added that the network would definitely continue to use it on its morning news program.

"CBS recently poured more than $30 million into remaking that program, but it still lags badly behind in ratings. Mr. Heyward is also dealing with a ratings falloff for Mr. Rather's newscast."

  .  .  .


''If somebody comes to New York and is surprised that it doesn't say 'The Early Show' in the middle of Fifth Avenue, I don't think we've committed a journalism sin,'' Mr. Heyward said. ''I don't want to apologize for being aggressive in exploiting this.''

"He said that he understood the argument against the use of the technology -- which is widely employed in sports and some entertainment shows -- on news programs. The danger is ''that it looks too real and therefore it's wrong or potentially wrong,'' he said. ''I certainly agree it's potentially subject to abuse.''

"He noted that advances in computer-generated techniques had made things like missiles hitting Baghdad and airplanes crashing look so real that it was incumbent on networks to underscore that these were not real images."



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II have isolated these paragraphs so that it can be clearly seen that the article is specifying PRINCETON VIDEO IMAGE or PVI.



"Neither of the other network morning news programs use the Princeton Video Image technology. Jeff Zucker, the executive producer of the ''Today'' program on NBC, said, ''We were offered the same technology and we passed because we didn't think it was appropriate.'' Eileen Murphy, a spokeswoman for ABC News said: ''It's been discussed at length. We wouldn't use it here.''

"Still, Mr. Heyward said that on ''The Early Show,'' the anchor Bryant Gumbel had on occasions noted on the air that the digital logo was being superimposed when he thought it was being done in a particularly creative spot."



Is It Live, Or Is It Princeton Video?  PVI may have invented virtual advertising, but the company's slow start gave competitors some real openings.
By Abby Schultz, July 1, 2000

"...PVI's groundbreaking technology, born in a New Jersey basement ten years ago, is turning up everywhere from major-league baseball games to episodes of Bewitched broadcast in Mexico. If you're a regular viewer of CBS' The Early Show, you see L-VIS (for live video insertion system, pronounced "Elvis") at work every morning. It stamps the show's logo (Dan Rather be damned) everywhere from the awning of the Plaza Hotel to the mugs in the Crate & Barrel window shown during the show's fade-in. And if you watched a Phillies or Braves game on TV this season, you (but not the fans at the park) might remember a Century 21 ad behind home plate."





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