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Is it a fact that George Bushs nephew was involved in security at WTC up to that very day ( what is his name?), and is a fact that George Bushes brother Jeb, Governor of Florida really told the FBI to take a hike, when they discovered the suspects training to fly down in Florida, and is it a fact that the same company that was doing work inside the towers just before 911 also does demolition work with Thermite/Thermate, and is it a fact that Larry Silverstein bought the Sears Towers, and is it a fact that the Bush family and the Bin Laden family have been business partners for almost 30 years? I have heard and read so much trash, along with many facts about 911 that I have trouble keeping them seperated. But, if only a couple of these questions are answered yes/fact then it is an open and shut case. The big question then becomes, what is the Bush nephew doing now, why was Jeb Bush not publicly chastised for his involvement with the FBI and what is Jeb up to now, which buildings are that construction company involved with since, and like GWBs grandfathers business connections with the Nazis "during" WW2 what business transactions are occurring between the Bin Ladins and the Bushes today. On the WW2 point, my father was in the U.S. Air Force in WW2 and told me that Pearl Harbor  was with out a doubt, a false flag event! He had seen himself, and knew many other people who witnessed the "Foo Fighters" during the war and they were ordered to keep quiet and even threatened! So much was seen and known back then, but people were scared to talk about it. Is any one keeping an eye on these criminals since 911? Perhaps we could stop them "before" they kill again. If enough attention is pointed at at these people now, and enough pressure applied on them and what they are doing now, many lives might be saved.I don't believe that they are finished just yet. When the first plane struck on 911, I turned to my friend and immediately told him that this was no accident, I said it was probably not a smaller plane as was first reported and that there would be at least one more. He laughed at me then, but only for a while --- to this day he thinks that I was either involved in it, or that I was am sort of psychic! It was probably only because my father taught me to be analytical and to question every thing that I am told or that I read. Being aware of the situation with Israel, Oil, and the Bush/Ladin connections I probably had just made some good or lucky connections on that morning before most people had any idea what was happening! Another real concern of mine; was actually brought up by a friend of mine, who asked me why all the 911 groups (there are so many) don't organize better and consolidate, to" form a mountain instead of a thousand scattered ant hills ---- the mountain would have be recognized where as the ant hills are only walked over and never noticed".He always had a way with words. Is there, or will there be a "joining" of all these groups or even just a better connect? I have read thousands of articles, read several books,  and watched weeks worth of documentaries on 911, and I believe that there should be no doubt at all in any bodys mind, regarding who pulled it off and why. The proof is all ready there, it is "very" obvious! Building 7 not even mentioned in the report? We need to get the truth out to "all the people" (difficult to educate people overnight/or change their political/philosophical dogma) but perhaps with some big name people such as (Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, and Charlie Sheen) combining to try to bring on a land slide instead of a pebble here and a pebble there, rolling silently down a mountai, more progress could be acheived."Project Disclosure", I believe has been such a success, that we might be getting very close to the point of  the "truth finally being told of extraterrestrial intelligence"! Like I stated before, I am not in the know, as to the organizing attempts and such, but if any one does know or just agrees with my assessment here please reply.

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