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Crumbling infrastructure represents a tangible cost of this war economy

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Thoth, the crumbling infrastructure and the wars are both part of "the Plan."

About in the mid to late 1980s, speaking for roads here in Texas, there was a sea change in the whole philosophy of highway construction and upkeep.  Texas always had one of the most if not the most superior state highway system in the country.  The Texas Department of Transportation, and the PAC "Good Roads Association" had policies and contracts which kept our highway system so nice.  But about that time or maybe a bit later, the globalist companies like CINTRA of Spair and the Macquarie Group Australia sort of got in cahoots with the United Nations - Sustainable Development - Agenda 21 cabal, especially after the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.

The new plan is to control all our highways and to get people out of their personal automobiles as much as possible.  Restricting the right to travel in as many ways as possible is also well on its way as part of the plan.  The state and federal transportation departments are totally sold out to globalist interests.  Read a few of Ray LaHood's policies at TheNewspaper.com to get an idea of the entire whole new philsophy regarding roads and transportation.

Private real property and private property rights are to be eliminated and we are well on our way to that goal too.  The NAFTA highway and the Trans Texas Corridor are both still moving forward though they are keeping it under the radar as much as possible now since so many people are opposed to it, but it is alive and well.


The idea of a sovereign USA that has good roads taken care of with our substantial gasoline tax dollars for the purpose of aiding interstate USA commerce and aiding the transportation of US citizens in their "private conveyances" is a thing of the past.


We have proof from the TxDOT website that they deliberately are trying to make traffic congestion worse and to debilitate traffic flow for the purpose of forcing people on to toll roads and to create problems for which they have their ready-made solution, private companies taking over ownership of the taxpayers roads and putting tolls on them.


I will try to stifle myself because it really riles me to see what evil has taken over our country and our freedoms.



Thoth and Jeannon:  I have driven over Donner Pass on Interstate 80 several times years ago with and without snow piled

over ten feet high from the snow plows.  During the summer the drive is beautiful.  It would be a shame to lose this stretch

of highway to toll collecting foreign-owned corporations.  I also remember the highway system in Texas being one of the best

in the country.  Last week in the Menard newspaper of all places, I read an article by Ed Sterling about the expansion of the Panama Canal and what it means for Texas.  It seems as

though the PTB have big plans for increasing global traffic through our area.  Five billion dollars have been allocated for the

project, mostly from foreign countries.  Our money is being wasted on the military-industrial-congressional complex and in

support of the bums in Israel.  Israel, China, Japan, South Korea, and the European countries will decide how to plow up our state. The jobs will most likely go to foreign companies and foreign labor.  The smog and destruction will go to Texans. I found a link to the article in the Westlake Picayune for everyone to read:  ....  http://westlakepicayune.com/2012/05/31/panama-canal-expansion-what-...  ....Unfortunately we have a bunch of spineless pinheads representing us in the district of criminals.

Danny and Jeannon

thanks for comments.  Yes, I too am shocked, shocked, shocked, by the evil forces that have taken over.  I totally realize that if citizens were in control, with all the great inventions and resources great scientists/engineers have invented, that this could be a beautiful, boeurgening, fair society right now.  Instead, people cave like sheep and get totally run over by these 1% or less evil men, and their monster enabler henchmen who come out of the middle classes and want big fat careers doing their bidding.  Look at how Gary Mack totally sold his soul to the devil, but he's lived a high class lifestyle for the past twenty years because of it; I myself can hardly afford a 2-bedroom flat.  

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