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A moment to reflect on how sad it is that human history doesn't seem to ever change:





Ancient and modern sources identify four possible occasions for the partial or complete destruction of the Library of Alexandria:

  1. Julius Caesar's Fire in The Alexandrian War, in 48 BC
  2. The attack of Aurelian in the 3rd century AD;
  3. The decree of Coptic Pope Theophilus in AD 391;
  4. The Muslim conquest in 642 AD or thereafter.





“Most of the news coming out of Egypt is about the protests and the political chnges happening there. Something I think that's of equal importance is not getting anywhere near the same amount of coverage, that's the looting and vandalism of Egypt's cultural heritage. In this thread I want to post about what's happening to Egypt's unique and irreplaceable sites and antiquities."


Keeping in mind, of course, exactly what is going on, the question is always "who?" are the people doing these things, and mindful of course that some or all of it is being provoked by the intelligence services or is simple disinfo.   


Events like this remind me that we need a compass to evaluate world events, and determine the "truth" and the only thing I'm satisfied does it is scientific method.  I , like most students when I was a kid, believed in "history" books.  


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The Controllers don't want us to have anything that would jog our memory of our hidden

glorious history. "Who they are" is not as important as who's bidding they are doing.

A certain Extraterrestrial War God™ comes to mind. An ET Empire who use this planet as a dumping ground

for undesirables: psychopaths, deviants, artists, musicians, critical thinkers, and geniuses of every stripe

are dumped here and upon death, their soul memory is erased by an "automated quarantine grid" and they are given false memories and sent back to a body to keep them trapped, since they cannot recall who they are or even that they are spiritual beings.


The history books are 90% bullshit. 

Shallel you are so right.  It is tragic that 90% of the history books are BS because then we have no island of sanity, what with the MSM giving the same or higher percentage in relation to current events.  We have no compass at all from the journalists nor the mainstream historians.  The only solace I'm taking anymore is from back to the basics critical thinking and reasoning methods, which I try to keep doing to keep my sanity.

Kevin Barrett has landed a good show today on Islam vs. Islamophobia:




(Feb. 4 show 1-3 pm)



  Feb. 7


"Qutb's notion of jihad as struggle against tyranny, incumbent upon every Muslim, has terrified the world's tyrants. They have responded by raising their level of tyranny to unimaginable heights. The torture and murder of millions of Muslims who are struggling for justice - whether in the dungeons of Egypt or the cages of Guantanamo and Bagram or the depleted-uranium-poisoned killing fields of Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine - is the tyrants' tacit admission: "Yes, we are the tyrants you hate - what of it?" The use of false-flag terror tactics on a hitherto unimaginable scale, from the death-squad slaughter of more than 100,000 Algerians to the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center to the detonation of an Israeli mini-nuke in Bali to the bombing of trains in Madrid and London to the mass shootings in Mumbai - is the tyrants' tacit admission: "Yes, we are the liars and mass murderers that you silly people who believe in truth and justice take us for - what of it?"  And the September 11th 2008 controlled demolition of the US and world economy is the tyrants' tacit admission: "We are building a tyrannical global empire on usury, and we intend to finish the job - what of it?"


Kevin Barrett waxes eloquent in this excellent piece.  

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