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Hacker group dumps 9GB of 911 related insurance files

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Funny stuff.

This could be Trump's way of "declassifying"

This could be another CIA / shadow government psyop.

This could be taken at face value that some real hack group did this.

One thing that is very suspicious is that this story received such immediate widespread coverage in the mainstream media.  Something about that seems artificial.

This play seems to be most interested in wide public reaction, which reaction will naturally lead to forcing some other kind of action that Trump would prefer not to take himself.  This play does NOT seem primarily, or at all, for the purpose of getting large payoff in crypto currency and that whole idea seems superficial and not to be believed.

The information involved here is a threat to the top levels of the U S government and perhaps even "national security" so a group of hackers extorting money anonymously is not what this is about.

This kind of hacking does seem like something that would have eventually happened anyway but now this kind of hacking could be employed by Team Trump.

If this hacking show is employed by the CIA / shadow government, the goal is NOT primarily to get release of 9-11 facts but to use such release of damning information in this method makes it not so damning and makes culpable human person parties appear less culpable.

Many games being played and all we can do is consider all the alternatives.

The more I think about this, the less inclined I am to take it at face value.

I notice in this video...


That RT Rick Sanchez reporting on this quoted from hack group's letter that the word


is spelled with the British spelling of the word...


So hack group must be based in UK somewhere.

Something about the time of the release of this big hack story as well as its widespread media coverage as well as the form/method/content of the hack group's demands suggest to me this is some kind of

chessboard, game theory, play by either Team Trump or by CIA / Shadow government/MSM  against Team Trump.

These plays are useful for many purposes. Buying time, delaying or running out the clock is always one possible purpose. 

It will be interesting to see how the mainstream media including Fox and RT follow up on this story or if they provide no or little timely follow-up coverage of this story.  If the latter, then it is likely this story cannot be taken at simple face value, no matter how convincing and plausible sounding the face value story is.

Have decided even if this is true, the revealed documents will only deal with financial negotiations and battles AFTER the event and will NOT deal with any incriminating data or information showing foreknowledge.  I had thought the hacking of airlines, like United and American, would show the put options and who did them or those kind of financial actions BEFORE the event, but now I do not think that.

So all of these financial records that may be revealed will be a big yawn for most of us but I guess there still be some kinds of information that the financial players fighting over who gets how much money from whom still very much do not want revealed.

This is most likely another Sunsteinian manipulation to have 9-11 truth seekers going down 9-11 untruth paths.

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Reads like the invitation list to a bar mitzvah.

Examination of the first layer of documents show, so far, one very interesting item.

Lawyer communications and documents negotiating for who bears greater liability say FAA should have had a regulation in place requiring all planes to have “automatic transponders”,, and if they had it would have allowed the military to be sooner notified of the situation on the 9-11 flights and …


"This may have allowed the military to intervene as they did on the Flight  in Pennsylvania." 


This differs starkly official story that  United Flight 93 crashed because it was overwhelmed by hero passengers.   Let’s roll!


Military shot down a plane (not necessarily “Flight 93”), in the area of Pennsylvania as Dr. Fetzer has written and spoken about many times.




The Dark Overlord, Flight 93 and Kim Dotcom

Thanks for the link Jeannon, hope this exposes the tangled web of lies that the PTB have ensnared themselves in!

To quote that video, "all these movies and this narrative is not what happened". This has a similar narrative to Rebecca Roth's.

Maybe I was too quick to throw Rebecca out with the bathwater. We know those calls were not possible from airborne planes, 

the scenario of forcing passengers to make those calls from "upstairs", when there is no upstairs in a 767 or 757, gives

credence to the theory they were on the ground in a hanger, most probably on a military base. 

Blessings, my friend!

I do not want to bring up the whole no planes theory again, but this first nugget of information from the recent DarkOverlord hacks about "the plane shot down in Pennsylvania, prompts me to get a few facts about

Boeing 757 Flight 93.

The most important one is

That Flight 93 was recorded flying over Champaign Urbana, Illinoie AFTER its alleged crash in Somerset County Pennsylvania.


Jul 18, 2012 at 7:57 PM

Jim Fetzer said...
Why anyone would suggest that the fabrication of the "crash sites" lets the Mossad "off the hook" is beyond me. Flights 11 and 77 were not even scheduled for flight that day. The planes used for Flights 93 and 175 were not de-registered (formally taken out of service) until 28 September 2005. So how can planes that were not in the air have crashed on 9/11 and how can planes that crashed on 9/11 have still been in the air 4 years later? Pilots has now established that Flight 93 was in the air but over Champaign-Urbana, IL, at the same time it was supposed to be crashing in Shanksville; and that Flight 175 was also in the air but over Pittsburgh, PA, at the same time it was effortlessly entering the South Tower. The evidence for these propositions is abundant and compelling--just as is the evidence of Israeli complicity on 9/11. How can the truth about "no planes" compromise the proof that the Mossad was involved in 9/11? Anonymous seems to have committed an intellectual blunder. Both are true.

July 8, 2012 12:19 PM    "

Pilots for 9-11 Truth, Mr. Balsomo I think, found this amazing factoid on the ACARS system.  Pilots, however, later disputed with Dr. Fetzer maintaining that Pilots does NOT endorse any part of the "no planes theory." 

Very odd, but Pilots for 9-11 truth has withdrawn from 9-11 truth discussions and media for the last few years.

The "crash site" in the field in Pennsylanian was as the county coroner stated - "eerie."  Very anomalous.  No blood, no evidence of human remains or passenger evidence debris of any kind.

Dean Hartwell has written at least four books, available on Amazon, showing some funny business in planes switcheroo in Cleveland Ohio and oddities related to passengers boarding this flight in New Jersey airport.

As I recall, there was a story about "Hoppy Heidelberg" military flying team involved in remains of a plane crash very near in Pennsylvania to the official-story "Flight 93" "crash site."

I have to put everything in quotes but EVERY ASPECT of the four Flights of 9-11 and the Official Story crash sites, cannot be verified and there are very many evidences of cover-up and deletions of Internet stories and testimonies.

One thing I have observed over the 17 plus years from the 9-11 event is, of all the many new theories that come and go on and off discussion board, there seems to be a common thread among about 99 percent of such theories that there were real planes and real passengers on real commercial Flights that really did crash somewhere just as official narrative provides.  There does seem of late to switch us to drones,  free-energy space technology and even ETs and away from "the facts on the ground."

But getting back to this thread subject matter - the hacked documents being perused now by many ANON researchers -- I hope to continue to post any nuggets of damning information found in those documents published online and I hope others will too.  I think those who are well familiar with the 9-11 lies over the years would be best qualified to search through the hacked documents that will probably become available free online in the coming weeks.

I agree, Jeannon, I am eager to search these documents as well, and thank you for being on top of this.

Thes lies cannot be allowed to remain in the History books unchallenged!

 Seen the files long ago, and no I did not use them.

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