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This is the nth forum of scholars for 9/11 truth. And I feel it's growing too slowly. Are we all tired some? Yes I believe. I doubt we could start another more forum. We are tired by ourself proposing more and more wrong theories to explain the events and getting so strongly fixed on our theories without reconsidering them.

It's time to get some lessons from the past to do not repeat the same mistakes. Nothing is perfect, we also are not perfect. But if we want to get some result we must follow some methodology. We must apply some simple principles :

1- Check all evidence before validate it.
2- Remove all weak evidence and unsupported eyewitnesses testimonies.
3- Do not hesitate to change our opinion when stronger evidence is given.
4- Try to produce more and more bigger scenario using all strong and proved evidences.
5- The first goal is the production of a scenario that explains how the strikes were actually made.
6- The second goal is to bring the perpetrators to justice. That's only possible if we use only strong evidences. Only one weak or false evidence will make that action impossible. So we have no right to keep ONE weak evidence in our claims.

This is my first post here. But I am a long time independent muslim truther. My web site is http://users.swing.be/mehmeti/ . Your comments are wellcome.

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