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I am listening to Joyce Riley of the Power Hour today saying the the FBI and CoInTelPro "made MLK out to look like a communist".  I do not believe that.


I do not plan to listen to "patriot radio" today if it is about honoring this dishonoable person.


I would like Afraican Americans to honor their true heores.  George Washington Carver was one of their true heroes.


I remember reading all about "Dr." King's plagiarism at Boston University in Hoodwinked, book by Jack Cashill.


MLK is another vintage communist, alcoholic, fraudster, plagiarist, thief, user of prostitutes and aluterer, and owned and operated by Jewish financial and media elites.


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what?   no, i don't think so.   do you have a probem with our brothers?


'we' have been PIGS and ASSHOLES and racist morons to people

of 'color', no matter what color it may be.   ......of course now even

us white folks are targets for destruction.....if we're not rich or catering

to the war-mongering pigs, or pouring our hard earned munny into

their buttholes.

      i don't get it, jeannnon, are you just repeating crap that other

morons say, or are you actually racist, also?

      i don't get you right now.  people are people, color is just color.

all of human folks are our brother and sisters.  not just the ones

the rich, powful white man likes.


       excuse me if i'm not buying your dissing of MLK.  weirdin me out.



I have no "problem" whatsoever with our brothers.  I want them all to go to heaven just like I want everyone on this forum to go to heaven, and that is how I pray.  


The only problem I have are lies being promoted as truth.  The facts in this video are perfectly documented and corroborated.


There is neither Jew nor Greek: there is neither bond nor free: there is neither male nor female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.   Galations 3:28

ok, well, i was brought up with religion crap SHOVED down my throat

morning, noon and night, with the WORD being read at the goddamn

dinner table, by "parents"  who were fanatic, domestically violent,

yet cherch going ASSHOLES.  i am non religious, because there is

no validation for anything that folks refer to as their god.  i am not one

of that.  (i do believe in spirits and ghosts even, and that some folks

find it harder than others to leave this assy world, but all that "god"

junk i have left behind on the side of the road as garbage, even tho

i am not into littering.)


      i have liked you long and long, Jeannon, and do not necessarily

bag that for what you have said here, but lemme axe yourself, how

do you really feel about those that are different from yourself?


      cause i don't give a fuck what color a person is, or what religious

beliefs they hold as their own, until they fuck with each other on that

basis.   "we"   (the amurikkkkkkin assholes from hell) have attacked

many races, on many fronts, in many countries, for what adds up to

NOTHING, ....well, except maybe oil, ...their real god. 

        all of those folks

are my brothers and sisters and children, no mattter what they look

like or feel in their hearts.  the whole world is my family, (and fred

knows they are a better family than my "real" one was....)


      and i shun all racism and violent attacks on other peoples as

shit against People.   and i claim all peace-loving just-trying-to-live-

their-lives people as my own.


     and Martin Luther King is and was my brother.   no matter what

any bonehead tried to make him into afterwards.  no one of us is

perfect, no one of us knows it all, but Martin is my brother.  back off.




"no matter what

any bonehead tried to make him into afterwards."


I would be interested in knowing your proof for that information, that is, someone making him in to something afterwards.  If I saw that what you state is true, I would "back off".  But I only back off in the face of truth.

ok, so high, Jeannon, i thought it would be polite if i actually read the

thing you put out with all the negative thoughts about my bud, Martin,

and i really don't want to be on the outs with you, because i think you

are of good value to this group, etc.  ,  and i was ready to pollogize

and grovel a bit if what i read might have been true.....    

      Martin Luther King is and always will be, no matter what any bonehead

might say, in my eyes a great and fine young dude, and a man of Peace,..

one of my favorite things, and i was (trying to) pay tribute to my bud,

and became miffed when the thing you posted came up, (even tho i had

no interest at the time in reading it)....and i still haven't seen anything that

would change my views on Martin.....

      but i do value your input on this group, etc.  and at least retract what

i said about you possibly having racist views.....even tho i don't know for

sure what your views are, since you did not dispute that.....


      of COURSE there are those who would diss our bro and Man of Peace,

just as there are those who would diss us, the niner trufer folks.....   and

when i did my daily check-in of the nooze, i didn't actually see ANYTHING

about MLK.

      so i was ready to read whatever the questionable bonehead )or not(

had to say, but didn't see much of squat.

       remember that our pigs will go to great lengths to diss anything that

is peace or truth related.  i am wondering why you were sold on MLK

being not what we have known him to be.


       i like you, jeannon, basically speaking, and yeah, man, we shouldn't

back off from the Truth.  but it would take me a lot of lessons in what mighta

REALLY happened to agree that what MLK stood for was an untrue.....th.


       a lot of people ARE racist.  some of the worst of those are in our very

gummint of a-holes.    even tho we have a "black" preddidint.   the assy

white man has killed more folks than we care to admit, just on the premise

that they are not white, war-mongering, blood-thirsty assholes.   i hate

every last thing that they have done, when it comes to killing folk, w'ere

they be Indian, African Amurikkkkin, Asian, Iraqi, Afghani, Vietnamese, etc.

i loathe them with every nook of my being for all the horrid shit they have done.

(the white pigs, not all the other folks i just mentioned..)


      i was born in '56, and don't mind admitting that, so i'm old, big whoop,

and i see Martin Luther as one brave and likeable dude who was absotutely

correct in his bitching about the whiteys being ASSHOLES to the blackies,etc.


      i am not racist, tho i do recognize that some people of ALL colors may have

been assholes in their times.   ESPECIALLY THE WHITE ASSHOLES.

in my book, honkey white folks have been more assholes than all other

races combined, and then some.  (and i am a whitie, just for the record>>)



       so i still am not clear on what your point was about MLK, because

i have not seen enough for me to question that Martin was my brother,

and a brave one at that, who lost his life for speaking his what for.

white man WAS and still is a fucking BITCH to those of any color

that isn't white, and i will not back down EVER from that, and of course

boneheads galore will try to paint him (MLK) as a bad boy.  


       and maybe you were raised with some down-looking on other

races and creeds and religions....i dunno, i'm just guessing.....   and

i don't mean to piss you off, cause i really do like your input on this

group and value your opinion.....    but i do take exception to what

you said about my brother.    so where do you get your info, and is

it possible that it came from some racist no good bonehead?


        sorry if i (grovel grovel)  said anything to you that were not a truth,

cause i am not really into that, but look into your heart, and your past,

\when/if you answer to that. 


      Martin Luther King was a cool dude, and a man of Peace.  and i

don't care what any bonehead might say to try to erase that.


       but i would like to be on good terms with you, because we do

have some shit in common.  (9/11 truth). 


       but i did mean what i said about religion.  what do you really

have to validate that what has been drummed into your head is true?

i for one think it's just a big fat crutch for folks who feel the need to

have a big fat crutch handy.  i have had enough of that to last five

lifetimes.   so to each his/her own, but it is not fer me.


       kiss kiss i still dig  muchy muchy what you have had to contribute,

and i pollagize for anything i said THAT WAS NOT TRUE.  lovies.  sandy




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