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To me a sophisticated copycat video has just been put out by, I think, the Thermite Gang faction.


9/11 Masterminds - Explosive Connections





This new video copies the title of the recent Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth video...


9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Trailer; AE911Truth.org, 9/11/11 Anniversary DVD


The new Masterminds video strongly copies the style and narrator's voice of a very excellent recent 5-minute video put out by another Thermite Gang theory subscriber - James Corbett of The Corbett Report.  (Uses same script phrases like "Oh wait"  "Oh wait, sorry..."  as well as grammar style and pace)

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory



To me, the work of Mark Hightower and Dr. Fetzer proving that nanothermite cannot be the "explosive" that did the kind of destruction we observed in the World Trade Center Twin Towers had to be responded to, sort of on a panic or emergency basis, by the Thermite Gang as that work seriously damaged the Thermite Gang's operation.


The Masterminds video purports to be telling us that the Nanothermite Gang really really really believes 9-11 was an inside job.  They really tell all the facts about the neocons and the Bushs and NIST.  But the whole video is psyops, misinformation, disinformation, misrepresenation and misdirection. 


The SAIC company in the video is associated with the development of nanothermite, not with it being a company that makes directed energy weapons. 

The video uses the same terms as the NIST reports referring to "impact zones" where the planes allegedly hit.

The video does make frequent reference to the planes hitting the Towers and that the planes were United airlines flight and "Flight 11" indicating these were hijacked commercial airliners full of passengers and Islamic hijackers as the official story tells.  The Corbett video telling the official story does make fun of the hijackers being ablel to accomplish the fancy flying feats of 9-11 but that 5-minute video does not make fun of there being real airliner crashes into the buildings.


Anyway, I just thought this latest video, 9/11 Masterminds - Explosive Connections, was a direct panic-mode response to the nanothermite revelations of Mark Hightower and Dr. James Fetzer.  This video combines just the right amount of facts and "truth" with just the right amount of misinformation and disinformation regarding plane crashes and nanothermite to make it a fairly sophisticated untruthful psyops piece.





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the tactic of the Magical Mystery Thermite Gang has always been to take this whole train into the boondocks, way into the reeds of the swamp with a bunch of half baked SCIENTIFIC (Gage BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE) horse shit here.


Once Jim Fetzer and the rest of us began to decry that the thermite was a red herring, they had to scramble to put out more stuff that now supports the LIHOP crap, as Richard Clark and Sibel Edmonds, the FBI snake, have done.  It's vitally important that they somehow be able to keep fooling the public into thinking that 19 arabs with box cutters COULD possibly

fly those planes and do that damage with NORAD all with chinese finger puzzles on their button pushing fingers that day, so your assessment is probably right.


Now that Gage and Company are absolutely identified as a COINTELPRO organization in every way, they are in Fast N Furious mode like cats covering up multiple turds in the litter box, everyone is starting to smell the TURDS they laid.


More and more people now openly are questioning this thermite bullshit as well as the sudden declaration by AE911 to support the B-757 crash at the Pentagon.  These guys just over-reach way too fast and too furiously and people are

pretty gullible but more and more are finally shaking off the propaganda.


Gage and gang, in my opinion, have ZERO credibility anymore.  They are positively beyond any reasonable doubt a COINTELPRO operation run by the CIA and MOSSAD.  To give them even the most glancing blow of legitimacy here in this blog is a very big mistake.


Once the mask is off them, putting it back on is a huge waste of time.  They unmasked themselves by the way over the top 'ad-hominem' attacks not only against Jim Fetzer and others, but they basically went after PilotsFor911Truth with a sledge hammer, and declared they knew more about flight dynamics and hence were qualified to make the outrageous claim that a B-757 did, in fact, hit the Pentagon, when there is virtually ZERO evidence to support that bullshit.


so you're right.  They are scared boys.  Their propaganda campaign is collapsing like a soggy house of cards, and thought it's sad, this is necessary.


Weeding out the COINTELPRO pieces of shit is the only hope of saving this movement.  If we don't do that, everyone loses credibility based on their outrageous bullshit propaganda and lies, reinforced only by 'ad hominem' attacks of Fetzer and myself and others who know better, like every single person at PilotsFor911Truth, for example.

On H2 channel last night they kept running an old JFK disinfo piece back to back with that horrible 911 conspiracies one they did.  They know a lot of people are on to them, and they are throwing the hail mary pass to desparately convince any fence sitters.  The fact that they keep doing this means they are running scared.

I hope that we can expose them as much as possible.


I remember when Richard Gage first came on the scene.  There was an email discussion including Dr. Fetzer and Morgan Reynolds and several other people.  Dr. Reynolds did a thorough search trying to just figure out who this guy was.  Gage literally came out of nowhere.  It was darn near impossible to find a record of his architect office address and there were only vague traces of his having been the architect on some buildings in the San Francisco Bay area.


It was the same way when Dr. Steven Jones came on the scene.  Sort of from out of nowhere.  Then when people started seeing how he has been working for the government all along and how he dishonestly killed the Pons and Flieshman "cold fusion" work, many of us saw this whole "hard science" and thermite nonsense for what it was.


I found it rather amazing how at the very moment Steven Jones came on the scene back in early 2005, all free and open intellectual inquiry into 9-11 stopped cold.  You were "out" with your local friends if you did not subscribe to the thermite orthodoxy, and heaven forbid if you questioned that there were plane crashes.  The NAZI straight jacket was put on the "9-11 truth movement" from the exact moment that Steven Jones and later Richard Gage came in with their contamination.


That "cold fusion" issue involved the possibility of free energy. just as the exploration of directed energy weapons based on the Nicola Tessla work.  Not hard to figure out that the energy and fossil fuels straight jacket is wanted and needed for Jones/Gage's bosses to keep us enslaved under their system.    I can even begin to see how the entire "global warming" nonscience is all part of the same dishonest scam to enslave the people.


What amazes me is how people don't even question the illogic of the Magical Mystery Thermite Gang adamantly holding on to the Big Boeing airliner crashes while at the same time telling us they believe, as this latest Masterminds video shows, the Bushs and neocons had the explosives planted in the Towers.  Why the heck would they need real airliners, passengers, and hijackers if that were the case.  Too much could go wrong with those elements  and would only increase the likelihood of their plan being discovered.


The way I am fighting the system is by dropping out of it.  I keep only a tiny amont of my tiny amount of money in a local credit union and am going to cash more and more, though they beginning to outlaw that too. 


I do not like typical "revolutions".  My study of history shows the Jewish revolutionary spirit is almost 99 percent of the time the engineers of "revolutions."

the people have a subconscious desire to want to believe in the Magical Mystery Thermite Gang's bullshit, because

the TRUTH is so gnarly and hard to wrap their pea brains around, it's much better when it's all explained away by

some form of whitewash that, in effect, goes in the direction of; "oh, those nasty nasty ARAB/MUSLIMS hate us so for our

fake and wholly consumerist lifestyles that THEY did this to us" explanation.  Unfortunately for The Powers That Be, way too much of the TRUTH is out of the bag and can't be stuffed back into it, and it's making those pea brains in the public hurt so much that they can't barely stand it.  But GAGE and company so have a very slick and well polished propaganda vehicle to mislead the people with.  So many former (and I do mean FORMER) good friends are convinced that Gage is an honest broker, when he clearly is not.  If you read my explanation about my experiences in this movement, especially the part about when I informed Gage personally via his personal e-mail to get me the hell off his petition, the being 'ignored' until I threatened him with a misrepresentation lawsuit, went on for months.   Had he been real, he would have informed me it would be taken care of and that I would be de-listed and proper notification about 'why' I was de-listing, would be made to the 535 members of Congress and the Senate about it.  Instead, they quietly de-listed me months later, with virtually zero replies to my very polite requests.   So if anyone had any lingering misgivings about exposing this organization for what it is, they needn't get all upset with themselves for calling them what they are.  They are a very clever and quite sophisticated COINTELPRO operation, most likely Cass Sunstein's finest hour there.


as for the 'revolution' thing, per the one in Russia in 1917, that was fomented by these fake khazarian jews just like all of the real blood pogroms in recent history...so you are right about that.  usually as banks have to finance war making, Rothschilds almost exclusively make a huge killing when someone else is doing the mass murdering with their financial aid and assistance.  but they always make a fortune off of wars, and they universally bankroll both sides of most of them when they can get on board with them.  Prescott Bush's bank which meted out a huge fortune to Thiessen-Krupp, was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rothschilds.  As is the Carlyle Group consortium today.


in any case, these khazarian fake jews who are doing this are being exposed, people are coming to understand who Rothschilds/Bauer are in the center of the hub of death, and how they almost always never met a war or a pogrom they didn't fall in love with immediately.  after all, when you began life in 1743 as whore house owners and loan sharks as they did, 'war financing' by comparison, is a respectable business.  Just ask James Baker and George H.W. Bush, or for that matter, the Vatican, who rake in the cash whenever there is a global conflagration that sucks everyone into the zionist funded meat grinder at some point.  this is all for profit.  all for the almighty shekel grub. 


exposing Gage's Magical Mystery Thermite Gang is a very important step to exposing these Rothschilds and their global blood quest for virtually all of the wealth, because as they control half of it today, they want ALL OF IT at some point.

they are running very very very scared.  Robert S. Mueller's neck must have non-stop phantom rope itch, as does John Ashcroft, Alberto 'Vo5' Gonzales, and the rest of the planners, Doug Feith, Elliot Abrams, Richard Cambone, Doug Pipes, David Addington, and Paul Wolfowitz, as well as Richard Cheney and Don Rumsfeld.  They all know that the time is rapidly coming when they'll be doing the 'Gallows Tap Dance' perhaps at Ft. Leavenworth, KS.  I can't wait to see these son's of bitch's dangling on ropes until their feet quit kicking.  unfortunately for the millions, and I do mean, millions they have helped slaughter, inclusive of tens of thousands of american's who've died and not been officially counted in these illegal incursions into Iraq and Afghanistan and now Libya, hanging these piles of treasonous shit won't bring any of them back.  but it must be done.  and yes, they're scared, just like cornered rats, they're very very very scared.

Thoth II said:
On H2 channel last night they kept running an old JFK disinfo piece back to back with that horrible 911 conspiracies one they did.  They know a lot of people are on to them, and they are throwing the hail mary pass to desparately convince any fence sitters.  The fact that they keep doing this means they are running scared.

Why was it so important to maintain the airplane hoax, and who did it? (Chapter 9 - The Controlled Opposition)


How much is it worth to you to finally learn the truth?


9/11 - The Great American Psy-Opera

lots of real panic mode shit going on now to make Gage and Company look legitimate.  Unfortunately they're not...and a lot of people know they are not.  I disagree with Jim Fetzer on the 'Gage is an honorable man' idea, strictly from the fact that if it is in charge of a disinformation program, it (HE) cannot be an honorable truth broker.  His entire organization is the typical zionist gig of 'get out in front of the pack and steer it off into the reeds' co-opting plan.


I cannot prove Richard Gage is a zionist, but just like Justin Raimondo over at AntiWar, his allegiance is to Israel and to put it more succinctly and directly, anyone who wears a yarmulke really is already 'suspect' as being a zionist infiltrator of the entire movement, as well as the ultra dominionist gang of the christians.   for all practical purposes, though they are truly on different sides of the same coin, you cannot truly at this stage of the game believe that Richard Gage is an honest broker of 9/11 evidence nor TRUTH.


dominionists, zionists, all are the same.  they must cover for Israel's slimy ass.  Israel can only fall when it's time, per the

Book of Revelations.  It's got to happen on proper cue to be a good start for the END GAME which is, in fact, 'ARMAGEDDON', and the beaming up of the 144,000 holy ones to the 'mutha ship' as I call it. (heaven).


I'll take a look at those links and tell you what I think but there are already a plethora of slick copy cat propaganda pieces out there that are using the same very very slick technique of making their stuff look like a knock off.


anytime you see constant selling of the '19 hijackers hit the towers in hijacked planes' bullshit, you can pretty much tell you are dealing with a COINTELPRO gang.


or MOSSAD, take your pic.  Same difference.  they all work for ISRAEL.


F.B.I., C.I.A., and the dept of JUST US, it's all MOSSAD.  the enforcement arm of the scum and villainy here on U.S. soil for sure.  and they are very very desperate men.


I so disagree with Jim Fetzer about Richard Gage.  Absolutely not an honorable truth broker.  abso fucking lutely not one.


and never was one.  AE911TRUTH and the farcical hijacked hearings run by them in Toronto, c'mon folks, if you didn't see that shit coming a hundred miles ago, your brain wasn't turned on and working.  Exclusion of discussions about the truth about the Pentagon 'no plane' scenario which is much much more valid by virtue of the evidence proving NO PLANE hit the building, is enough to prove my point.  None of these scum want to go anywhere near the Pentagon attack gig, because it is the very CRUX of this whole thing.  Expose the Pentagon fraud for what it is and the entire house of cards they built will collapse in on itself just like the lightly damaged Pentagon did after NO PLANE HIT IT!


this is what made me think Mike Rivero was going dangerously close to being a very slick COIN OP, because he so vehemently defends the OFFICIAL BULLSHIT STORY that a B-757 hit that building, when there is no proof of that.


that one chink in Rivero's armor is enough to put him in the COIN OPERATOR side, though I did for a long time believe he was an honest truth broker.  These days, it's hard to hawk that bullshit story about a B-757 striking that Pentagon, in light of the overwhelming evidence that does not support that, without painting yourself as a clever DISINFORMATION outlet.


supporting that, or that a Boeing airliner crashed in Shanksville, or that 19 arab hijackers did this, and certainly you are substantiating a HUGE LIE with that.


I have to call a spade a spade here.  the LIHOP gang is CONTELPRO.  they absolutely MUST convince the sheeple that 19 muslim terrorists did this to America.  They don't want anyone to see the fact that the C.I.A. and MOSSAD were in charge of the whole charade of the mass murder that day.


any LIHOP theory boy is a COINTELPRO boy.  that is the 9/11 truth litmus test.  if you support the B-757 struck the Pentagon, or the Shanksville bullshit story, then absolutely won't discuss the huge huge compendium of contrary evidence, then these organizations are, in fact, COINTELPRO operations.  Fully disinfo.  Fully protecting ISRAEL.

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