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NY Judge Alvin Hellerstein - Covers for CIA in Contempt over tapes

If the USA no longer has the rule of law, the USA is nothing anymore.




NY judge won't find CIA in contempt over

NEW YORK (AP) — A federal judge declined Wednesday to find the CIA in
contempt for destroying videotapes of Sept. 11 detainee interrogations, saying
to do so would serve no beneficial purpose and the CIA had put in place new
procedures to prevent such destruction from happening again.

U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein said in a written ruling that the CIA
has since remedied its failure to produce videotapes in response to requests by
the American Civil Liberties Union. He wrote that the people processing the
ACLU's Freedom of Information Act request may not have been aware of the
videotapes' existence before they were destroyed.

The government has acknowledged destroying 92 videotapes, including those
containing interrogations of a high-level al-Qaida lieutenant who claimed he
suffered physical and mental torture at the hands of the CIA. The tapes were
destroyed in 2005.

In January, the judge said a contempt finding would be impractical and told
the CIA to investigate itself and report how it will prevent employees from
destroying information in the future. On Wednesday, he noted that the CIA
adopted two new policies in August regarding document preservation to ensure
that destruction of any documents outside of routine management of CIA materials
will not occur without a review by lawyers to ensure they are preserved for
legal proceedings or congressional oversight activity.

The judge said the CIA's new protocols would have "a remedial and deterrent
effect should a CIA official think to destroy documents."

"The protocols should lead to better communication and more complete written
records within the agency and across the government when an issue of document
destruction or retention arises within the agency," he said. "The CIA's new
protocols should lead to greater accountability within the agency and prevent
another episode like the videotapes' destruction."

Alexander Abdo, staff attorney with the ACLU National Security Project, wrote
the ACLU was "profoundly disappointed by the court's unwillingness to label as
contempt what it describes as the CIA's 'dereliction.'"

"We also strongly disagree with the court's finding that the CIA has
'remedied' the destruction," Abdo wrote. "The truth is that the CIA destroyed
evidence of torture, and the destruction of this evidence has made it harder to
hold high-level officials accountable for the abuse that they authorized."

Carly Sullivan, a spokeswoman for federal lawyers who argued the case, said
the government had no comment on the ruling.

In his ruling, the judge noted that the ACLU had cited a recently published
article by a former general counsel for the CIA that accused the CIA's former
deputy director of operations of defying orders and going behind the top CIA
lawyer's back to destroy the videotapes.

He said the argument premised on the belief that one high-ranking official
defied orders and destroyed the tapes undermines the ACLU's contention that the
CIA as an agency should be held in contempt for the conduct.

Still, the judge wrote, "the lapses of individuals cannot excuse the failures
of the agency." He said the CIA had an obligation to identify or produce the
videotapes and "cannot be excused in its dereliction because of particular
individuals' lapses."

The administration of President George W. Bush had said some tapes were
destroyed to protect the identities of the government questioners while the
Department of Justice was debating whether the interrogation tactics were

In September 2009, the judge cited national security concerns in ruling that
the CIA did not have to release hundreds of documents related to the destruction
of the videotapes. He has said he likely would have ruled against public
disclosure of videotapes documenting new harsh questioning techniques if the CIA
had not destroyed them.

An ACLU lawsuit already has forced the release of legal memos authorizing
harsh interrogation methods, including waterboarding, a type of simulated
drowning, and slamming suspects into walls, techniques described by critics as


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the CIA in fact 'IS' the shadow government of ISRAEL/ROTHSCHILDS here in the U.S.


they are above all laws.  F.B.I. is same as C.I.A. in every respect.  these two agencies are strictly beholden to Israel, and only to ISRAEL, and will not ever do what is Constitutional or RULE OF LAW centric. 


unfortunately the public at large hasn't figured this out yet.  But I did a long time ago, back when C.I.A. and F.B.I. not only covered up the COUP D' ETAT in November 1963, but then proceeded to kill Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy.


so we've not had RULE OF LAW in this country most of our adult lives.  Nobody in their right mind neither trusts or believes in any portion of this fake Rothschilds created matrix anymore.


there will be no adherence to RULE OF LAW here ever.  Unless We The People go to Washington, D.C. 'en masse' and surround the Whore House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as well as the Capitol Bldg., not far from it, and demand they all immediately RESIGN AND LEAVE, there will be no restoration to RULE OF LAW here.


we don't have much time.  Either we mobilize in huge numbers and do this soon, or we will forever rue the day we sat on our collective hands and rocked back and forth and took no action.


Either we go there by the TENS OF MILLIONS and TAKE IT BACK, by force if necessary, or we are finished.


FORCIBLY if NECESSARY meaning going there prepared to do battle but not coming out of our cars with guns brandished.  If they start to fire on us like at Kent State years ago, then we go over the fence and burn the fucking place to the ground, if that's what it takes to STOP THEM.


but we must act.  Peacefully as first choice, but fully prepared to do battle with them.  Either we do this by the millions, or we are over with.


this is the SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT moment for America.  If we don't act, tis over with here.




I just am literally sick at what has happened to my country.  I am beginning to wonder if we were ever any good from the beginning.


Even our local judges here in the counties of Texas are just criminals themselves.  They just illegally encarcerated Randy Kelston, and attorney who is trying to fight the system and who is a host on the RuleOfLaw.com radio network.  They said his records requests and his snooping around into the crookedness of Cherokee County was done in an illegal way.  The judges and local government politicians here are sort of like Boss Hogg and most are Freemasons.  What a cabal and a racket.


Also, if there is not some honest money system, nonusurious money system, installed soon, we are all in slavery here and that's that.


I wish a trillion man walk on D. C. and surrounding the White House and the CON-gress would solve the problem, and it is a good idea anyway, but I am afraid that the disease of globalism or "zionism" has metastasized to the minds of all the people.  I keep thinking of that movie "They Live."  I heard several hundred thousand people marched in NYC in 2003 stop illegal war on Iraq but all were ignored.


I think a couple of things we each can do right now is take our money out of their banks.  Bank of America is already refusing to alllow customers to withdraw their money.  Happened a couple of weeks ago in St. Louis.  Videos on YouTube.

I do not think you are far from wondering about the honesty of the American people from the beginning.  The beginning history shocks me, from the Spanish conquistadors to the American slaughter of the 'Indians".  Very ruthless European businessmen soon began transplanting a European heirarchy here.  I am not too surprised the end point is what we have now, given this initial history.  If less of these ruthless men had terrorized the public, it would have been a much better history for the citizens for a simple reason:  these developments were coincident in time with the rise of the industrial age, great inventions and material wealth.  Had there been a better system, the average American would now have about a million dollars a year in net wealth.

The 'dutch' actually have been the progenitors of incredible ugliness to this continent.  They were slave traders, who shipped people from Africa here for profit, and they have a very interesting 'end justifies the means' bend to their business practices here.  The AMWAY boyz, Van Andel and the other dutch jackass there in Grand Rapids, are not too far off the tree limb from

the zionist Koch brothers, ethics wise.  Between the Dutch and their real cold nosed and ruthless manifest destiny idea, and the rest of the really shitty european influence that made it okay to just wholesale slaughter the natives of this country without hardly a second thought, it's laughable to tag this nation with any concept of 'justice' or 'right' or 'fair' here.  It's never been any of that.  It's always been about quintessential greed and getting rich at all costs.  My own best bet is that the revolutionary war ended in 'stalemate' with England and the chains of slavery were then welded onto everyone's ankles in 1913 after several other attempts by Rothschilds bankers to enslave the nation under British rule had fizzled out and didn't make it.  But there is no real empirical evidence this nation ever really broke away as it's own entity.  Once the FED got rammed down our throats long before any of us came into being, they just as well should have hoisted the Union Jack again over this fraud and been done with it.  The Stars and Bars are no more than JAIL BARS with the Stars you see after a corporate cop whacks your ass with a night stick at a protest somewhere, if not in your living room.


George Carlin did an excellent stage bit about who runs this place...and why the education system is such a joke, and it

more or less goes to the fact that as long as you're mollified and stupid, you won't likely demand too much JUSTICE from the tyrannical zealots who truly run this place.  He was right.  Long as everyone is too dumbed down or intimidated into not really getting a clue, the despotic tyrants can keep doing whatever they so shall please themselves with, without any major resistance.


Maybe with this OWS thing, people might just be wiping the sleep from their eyes, but who knows?  I think that as the economic situation here further implodes, We The People will have very little choice but to band together in massive demonstrations, and at some point, have another Revolution.  This time, we truly do need to sever all ties to the Rothschilds in London and be done with it.  No more of this shadow colony under the ruse of independence shit.


If people at this stage of the game are too stupid to see who's been joy boinking them in the ass all these years, they more or less deserve to be booted out of their homes and forced to live in squalor like is true in other THIRD WORLD nations like this one has become.


we had the opportunity years ago to get the money out of the politics and clean it up, but instead, everyone just bought toys and got second and third mortgages and spent that fake money from the artifice of the BUBBLE.


that all has come home to roost.  If people were stupid enough to buy into that shit and get so deep in debt, take free money thinking in reality their homes could appreciate 250 percent in a decade, they deserve to lose everything they have in this mess.


We can cure poor education, but unfortunately for most here, STUPID is a terminal disease.


Were these even attempts at justice, or were they just theater? (Chapter 5 - Legally Challenged)


How much is it worth to you to finally learn the truth?


9/11 - The Great American Psy-Opera

the name ends in 'stein' (zionist most likely) (israel protector)


what more do you need to know?  zionist jews, and goyim sayanim all will go to any and all lengths to protect ISRAEL.


ISRAEL was in the DRIVER'S SEAT on 9/11/2001.  they had NORAD help, but they carried it out.


there are very few 'jews' in the U.S. who will not protect ISRAEL and obfuscate the ISRAELI INVOLEMENT in 9/11, so

if it's name ends in WITZ or STEIN or is obviously a jewish name, don't be expecting too much truth from them about what happened and certainly never expect them to support telling the TRUTH.  they won't.


PROTECT ISRAEL AT ALL COSTS is the only thing most alleged jews in the U.S. will be doing.


no more and no less.   if a person is a known 'jew', you can pretty much scratch them as viable TRUTH tellers about 9/11.

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