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So, President Joe Biden created a fake news for the US Media, now this figures.  A bombshell 2018 documentary by Al Mayadeen Documentaries exposes the secret U.S. funding of bioweapons using dangerous pathogens in Eastern Europe, including Ukraine.

PDFs below

These labs are purportedly co-run by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s EcoHealth Alliance. According to reports, Russia is currently engaged in securing these labs and gathering evidence. Notably, U.S. government documents confirm that coronaviruses similar to SARS-CoV-2 were among the pathogens studied at some of these biolabs in Georgia since 2017.

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Fantastic work, Henry! Ukrainian biolabs have been been admitted by Victoria Nuland, who tries to blame them on RUSSIA!

I suppose Russia is responsible for Georgia's and China's Fauci funded Bioweapons programs as well! 

It's one of those odd yet revealing facts of Washington than under both Obama and now Biden, the person in charge of Ukraine policy at the State Department is a hard-core neocon from the royal neocon Kagan family. Beloved by both parties!

Is there ANYTHING anywhere the Pentagon hasn't fucked with with EVIL intent? 


 Thank you Shallel Octavia,

 The credit goes to Mrs. Tif Morgan, and other news network. Tif found the information, put it together as she seen fit, and then contacted the network team.

 I am almost ready with two videos, one about 9/11 and the other is a bit different, but true. Both videos will slap the feds in the mouth.

 Biden is trying to pit China against Russia, at the same time making threats against China, best of luck to getting China and Russia into a war.

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