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Prosecuting the Criminals and Obtaining Justice - Your Thoughts?

Laurence and I have been discussing how to hold accountable the criminals involved in staging the 9/11 events. Our discussion is below. We would like to hear any of your input on how best to move from haggling about details to consolidating our best concrete evidence. What venue would give a fair hearing to the facts? We have lots of proof that the OCT is impossible and contrived to benefit certain factions of our Government and their allies, and the Military Industrial Media Complex. Thanks in advance, Shallel.

Laurence Smith said…

Hi Shallel, I just finished watching the series of videos, 'The great American Psy-opera' the link of which you graciously provided.  My observations: Given that even the experts among the so-called 9/11 truthers cannot conclusively agree on various aspects of the bombings of the World Trade Center buildings we should not wile away years and years attempting to precisely conclude what actually took place, as there is one thing that we can all agree on, and that being, there was govt collusion taking many forms. Including, but not limited to: psychological mind control, purposeful incompetence, deception, outright lies told to us by C. Rice and George Bush who told the American people on live TV that they had no previous idea that terrorists might use planes to ram into buildings despite the fact that there were just such exercises going on during the 9/11 bombings.

Americans need to take various forms of action to bring the govt criminals responsible for what happened on 9/11 to justice. We need not waste 50 years like in the JFK assassination to continue to prove a conspiracy existed via a criminal cabal of high ranking govt criminals. I don't think we need yet another 9/11 investigation that would only wind up floundering about. We need a criminal investigation of the participants who have some serious explaning to do regarding their actions on 9/11 and statements made by them that are documented. This includes; G.Bush, D. Cheney, P. Wolowitz, C. Rice, D. Rumsfeld,  and Joint military Chief of Staff General Myers, for starters.  Attempting to corral the secondary players at the same time would be an arduous task that would only muddle the investigation. We would let the major players cough up the names of those who aided wittingly or unwittingly. There is certainly enough prima facie evidence to indict the above mentioned participants either through a preliminary criminal hearing or evidentiary material presented to a grand jury. We cannot afford to let the cabal brain trust behind the 9/11 bombings simply die off with no closure for the American people, as this would provide future govt cabals with a strategy of simply outlasting us before they die.

Shallel Octavia said…

These are very good points. I am an engineer, and don't know as much as I should about Criminal Prosecutions. I do think the people you mentioned are our primary perps, but even being generous enough to say that our courts are legitimate, these primaries can claim secrecy, no? 

I think the place to start is with the media and let them squirm till they give us the poop on the primaries. The media cannot claim secrecy when the videos are already in the public domain.

The videos of FL175 portray impossible events, therefore they have been manufactured. While we can't prove who manufactured them, I believe there is enough to prove the media was complicit and knowingly broadcast the manufactured videos.  

The proof  is quite simple high school physics; while I'm feeling generous I could also envision somewhere in the Legal System there is a Judge that understands high school physics.

I would like, with your permission, to start a discussion on your reply, the topic being how to achieve criminal prosecutions for these crimes. It would be easier to discuss this in a thread and hopefully some our other members can add ideas.


Laurence Smith said…

Yes Shallel, starting a discussion thread related to initiating through some means a criminal investigation into the activities of the major players in our govt, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bush, Myers, et al during 9/11 might prove fruitfull, especially if it attracts any lawyers or legal organization(s). I would go so far as to say that the major players in the cabal behind 9/11 should be held accountable in a forum similiar to the Nuremburg trials. Given that 3 thousand American citizens lives were lost in addition to our soldiers who lost their lives and/or were injured in the phony Iraq war, plus the number of Iraq civilian lives that were lost their human atrocities cannot be over-stated. These American traitors should not allowed to die with their inflated accomplishments intact. They instead should be martyrs for any future govt cabal that might wish to do the same against the American people.   

P.S. I don't hold much hope for trying to force the media to own up to either their role in covering up for the govt and/or to aid in not exposing their seeming purposeful incompetence. Many of them would fear retribution, assassination, or loss of their jobs. I think activists just need to go directly at the cabal members. We need many Andrew Breitbart types who will draw media attention while we start the wheels in motion in the courts. Once there are efforts being made to draw the cabal members into a criminal investigation the media won't be able to totally ignore it.   

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