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Please find out why she is involved with the incidents with the Pope. Many people are suggesting to me that she or someone she knows was molested by the Church. Some say it is connected only with the proclamation within the Church to keep secret and hide the pedophiles. Suzanna Maiolo is being slandered, imprisoned, drugged and for all we know, tortured by these "wonderful" Christians! What is "her" story? Can any one find it out? Does she even have an attorney to defend her? What is his name? This Church secrecy bullshit is more evil than anything I have ever witnessed!   Please put the word out ( not God, but Truth) about what is truthfully happening in this case. I do not want to hear what the liars in the Vatican, or any Government are saying about this. I just want the TRUTH! Or even just the other side of the story from Suzzana herself.

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I know this is probably not pertinent to the 911 discussions on this site, and I apologize, but I have found that the cover up from this event to be more incredible than anyone could have ever imagined. I suspect that this Maiolo story is tied in with the same powers that have tried so "pathetically' to cover up 911. They who control all, is probably a joint operation of the Church and the Economic Elite! 911 probably occured with the Vaticans blessing (Viva Crusades!) The idiot leaders in government and in the military continue bending over for them, and continue to be traitors to their own people! If anyone can give me a lead on this Maiolo story, I would greatly appreciate it. I have looked in a million dark corners trying to learn more of this, but find only the "official church story" in each, and not the truth! Go figure! Thanks much!

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