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"Toronto Hearings" falling apart - discussion of the Pentagon verboten

Seems the "thermite gang" insiders who are spearheading the "Toronto Hearings" are trying to delete scheduled speakers at the event who support the idea of no big Boeing at the Pentagon.   This shows that the "Toronto Hearings" are not meant to be an objective hearing of all sides of the issues regarding evidence at all of the four 9-11 sites.  The thermite gang insists on accepting official story of Pentagon.  That way, they can hold on to the classic "controlled demolition" at the WTC buildings by Muslim terrorist-planted "explosive nanothermite" and real airliners flown by Muslim terrorists being flown into WTC Twin Towers.  No way could the thermite gang sell their story about the WTC if explosives were planted inside the Pentagon cause no way that could happen by Muslim terrorists nor could it happen at the Pentagon at all by anyone.  That is why the Pentagon is a big NO-NO for the thermite gang and the Toronto Hearings.


The "Thermite Hearings" are designed to have their "true believers" buy the idea that the thermite gang (Dr. Jones and his group and Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth) really do believe that "9-11 was an inside job."  They will never never ever ever say those words but they do want people to sort of get the idea that they too believe that 9-11 was an inside job.  The truth is as Dr. Reynolds stated so nicely, the thermite gang is just perpetrating Plan B now, that is "ridiculous Version II " )


(Kevin Barret, David Ray Griffin, Bob Bowman, Jim Marrs, Paul Craig Roberts and all the others ought to seriously rethink their support of thermite gang's "explosive nanothermite" theory as it is just as biased and unfair and misrepresentative as is the production of the "Toronto Hearings.")



Credibility of Toronto 9/11 hearings jeopardized by replacing of Pentagon witness
by Craig McKee
Sunday Aug 28th, 2011 2:18 PM
Supposed truthers who want to suppress the truth about the Pentagon win the latest round at the Toronto 9/11 hearings (http://truthandshadows.wordpress.com)
It appears that the organizers of the Toronto 9/11 hearings have utterly caved to pressure and thrown fairness and common sense under the bus in the process.

April Gallop, who was injured in the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001 along with her infant son, has been removed from the list of witnesses at the upcoming hearings (Sept. 8-11), to be replaced by an “unconfirmed” witness. If that replacement is assigned to make the case that a 757 did, in fact, hit the Pentagon then truthers everywhere should scream bloody murder.

I really hope that the disappearance of Gallop’s name from the schedule on torontohearings.org has some innocent explanation (no official reason has been given), but I’m not optimistic. Her appearance was to have been in video form.

A recent opening up of the hearings to some Pentagon research (it was to be kept to a minimum originally on the grounds that it is too “controversial”) had raised the ire of the “truthers” who support the 9/11 official story as it pertains to the Pentagon.

This group was already perturbed that another Toronto event focusing on the Pentagon had been announced, involving the main objects of their scorn – Citizen Investigation Team and their film National Security Alert. This event was organized by Barrie Zwicker, author, media critic and 9/11 researcher who supports CIT’s conclusions. Neither Zwicker nor CIT’s Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis were invited to speak at the hearings. Same for Pilots for 9/11 Truth, which also supports CIT.

Despite these omissions, it wasn’t all bad news. In addition to Gallop, Barbara Honegger was added to talk about explosions inside the Pentagon and David Ray Griffin was scheduled to give a talk about the anomalies of flights 77 and 93. Pilot Ted Muga of San Diego was also invited to speak (he supports CIT’s research) but he couldn’t attend because of knee surgery.

This all indicates that openness was winning out over suppression with the Toronto organizers. That’s when the gang who relentlessly attacks the idea that no 757 hit the Pentagon got busy (people like SnowCrash, Victoria Ashley, Frank Legge, Jim Hoffman, Chris Sarns, “jimd3100” and others, whose wisdom can be found on 911blogger.com, truthaction.org, 911oz.net and other sites).

They had tried to keep the Pentagon off the agenda entirely, and they failed. So over the last day or two, they got to work lobbying to get their Pentagon witness heard. And it’s not like no one they favour was scheduled to speak. Richard Gage, David Chandler, Kevin Ryan, and Jonathan Cole are all on the roster and all oppose CIT.

Here’s what Ashley had previously posted this week on truthaction.org:

“I’ve made an effort to get a “a Boeing hit the Pentagon but never should have” speaker in to the conference to offset the “no Boeing” line-up so far — even suggested we would pay for the flight — but aside from some support by fellow attendees, I have so far been met with silence from the organizers (have emailed 3 different people, one yesterday, 2 more than a day ago).
“Many of the Canadian activists and speakers have been supporters of “no Boeing” for years now, so I think the only way to have avoided this would have been to completely keep the Pentagon topic off the agenda, which is what I thought was the original plan.”
“Apparently it never was, if what Snowcrash dug up is true.”

But what a difference a couple of days make.

When Gallop and Honegger were added, Frank Legge said his group had been “deceived.” Yesterday, Ashley announced on truthaction.org that a change had occurred with the hearings following a meeting (presumably of the Toronto steering committee). The implication was that her people would be happy with the change. I’m sure they are.

How did they succeed in getting the organizers to cave? Not only does it appear that the “Pentagon-official-story” people have access to inside information about the hearings, but they also clearly have inside clout. Didn’t organizers understand the implications of this type of last-minute change? They would have been better not to invite Gallop in the first place.

It seems that this group of anti-CIT disruptors is only happy when they are driving a wedge into the movement. I don’t think they’re after the truth at all.

They’ve succeeded in getting Gage (Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth) to denounce CIT in writing. By taking this very poor advice, Gage has harmed his own reputation.

Chandler and Cole have also attacked CIT in a sloppy and illogical “statement” that – like Gage’s piece on CIT – was posted on 911blogger, the site that has been denounced for harming the movement and banning those who support the idea that a plane did not hit the Pentagon.

While the additions of Gallop and Honegger clearly angered the anti-CIT gang, they were still left with David Ray Griffin, who was part of the witness line-up from the beginning. In addition to his “anomalies” talk, he will also speak about the problems with the 9/11 Commission Report.

Despite doing the best job of anyone in picking apart the whole official story of 9/11, Griffin is being bashed along with CIT because he supports their contention that a 757 didn’t hit the Pentagon.

Hmm. Victoria Ashley or David Ray Griffin… They’re both so credible, it’s hard to choose.

SnowCrash comments on truthaction.org that Griffin “still hasn’t retracted” his statements supporting the position taken by CIT. But Griffin is not Gage, and unless I’m seriously mistaken, he won’t compromise his considerable reputation to please a group whose goal is to suppress the truth about the Pentagon.

It seems that the Toronto hearings organizers have made that compromise.

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I just received this from a SU friend yesterday,  I don't recall seeing the missile photos before  ....  I also wonder who all the people

are in white shirts and ties getting off the bus  .....  A large plane of some kind flew past the station and over the Pentagon evidently.

I would guess the plane was carrying the missile  .....  The missile looks a little hokey, but here it is:  ....  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9Idpui1geM&NR=1

I saw that recently too.  Somehow it does not impress me.  Somehow, this late in the game, this "new footage" has now come to light?  In Dean Hartwell's book, "Facts Talk but the Guilty Walk", he presents considerable evidence that a plane did fly by and over but from a completely different direction than the alleged plane was said to approach the Pentagon.  The Citgo tapes would answer the question and of course those will never be made available.


Explosives of some kind being set off from inside the building seems like a very plausible scenario.  The exterior fire was set to cause smoke to hide whatever actually took place.


There are way too many 9-11 topics that Richard Gage's group, Architects and Engineers, are forbidden to even discuss. 


There probably are many sincere 9-11 truth seekers associated with NYCAN.org and A&E but it just is all so odd the way the Building 7 issue has become the big ressussitated issue.  Almost all researchers for about 6 years have all agreed that it appeared to be a classic or conventional controlled demolition.  So it is quite strange, that Building 7 is now the strict renewed focus as if they are suggesting something new and astounding, that Building 7 appears to be a controlled demolition.

And their other big deal now is "there must be a new investigation" seems odd to me too.  We've all known that we needed a real investigation of the entire official story since the 9-11 Commission Report came out in late 2004.


I guess Gage and Jones want to present themselves as THE defenders and seekers of 9-1 truth in contrast to the Bush and the big wigs ceremony in NYC.  In my opinion they are ALL on the same team!




I am depressed on this tenth anniversary.  Not only is the MSM predicted coverage of the 10th anniversary so very predictable a resuciation of all the lies, but even our own "team" is going down fuzzy headed routes instead of sharp application of the scientific method to get to the "truth".  


I visited family over Labor Day and they are conventional mind dead robots.  I grow up with those kids 50 years ago and I remember the TV shows we watched back then.  Obviously, they still are corporate children still with their heads in the MSM spun world.  What a sad country.  And I believe this was all engineered by the oligarchs and corporate CEOs with their wall street ad boys and intelligence ops, especially in the wake of World War II.  Guys like Orwell had been cut into discussions as early as 1948 that the oligarchs have had in their major secret door meetings since.  I think they decided that the political class had to be controlled and JFK reinforced their beliefs about that, so he and his brother were taken out so they wouldn't dampen their long term plans.  


Just medieval history, deja vu all over again, the kings and the peasants, just easily transplanted to the "new world". 

Good words, Thoth.


I just observe all and see the same long-term social engineering in all of this.  It probably goes back much further, but I think the beginning mainly was when the Transformational Marxists of the Frankfurt School came over to USA in 1930s.


I absolutely cannot have a pleasant harmonious conversation with any family member unless it is on the most superficial of topics.


Dr. Fetzer wrote a great article on his blog about how the BBC's Tenth Anniversary video totally distorted and characatured (is that a word?) his part of the video.  It was such a clever dishonest deceptive scam, the whole video.




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