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Email Correspondence Between Myself and The Worlds Premier Nuclear Physicist Exploring Nuclear Demolition Specifically

I emailed this physicist in hopes that he might examine pages 19-42 in my book 'Dust' and offer an opinion. He provided his opinion and below is a copy and paste of the email exchange between us.

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Multiple Myeloma In First Responders - The Details Of Death

In the general population Myeloma occurs at the rate of 3-9 per 100,000 people. That rate also occurs 99% of the time in people over 65 with an average age of 71. Just 1% are ever under the age of 65 in the general population.

In the population of 40,000 First Responders the rate is 1 in 534 people. This means 75 First Responders have died from Myeloma. What’s more, they have all been between 37 and 60 years of age with most under 55. These are extraordinary figures, unprecedented.…


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Nuclear Atmospheric Physicist Dr. Thomas Cahill On 911

University of California at Davis

Aerosol Analysis

The UC Davis DELTA Group (Detection and Evaluation of Long-range Transport of Aerosols) is a collaborative association of aerosol scientists at several universities and national laboratories in the United States. The DELTA Group has measured aerosols’ emissions from the 1991 Gulf War oil fires, volcanic eruptions, global dust storms and the Asian smogs.

The head of the DELTA Group is Professor Thomas Cahill, who…


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Caustic Drain Cleaner and 911

“Tests revealed the dust to be extremely alkaline with a pH of 12.1 (out of 14). [St Louis Post-Dispatch, 2/10/02] and that some of it was as caustic as liquid drain cleaner. “We were startled at the pH level we were finding,” Swayze adds. “We knew that the cement dust was caustic, but we were getting pH readings of 12 and higher. It was obvious that precautions had to be taken to protect the workers and people returning to their homes from the dust.” Sam Vance, an environmental scientist…


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Velocity Of Energetic Compounds Found by Jones, et al.

“Nanoscale Aluminum-Metal Oxide (Thermite) Reactions for Application in Energetic Materials,” Central European Journal of Energetic Materials (2010), authored by Davin G. Piercey and Thomas M. Klapötke:

Identifies the fastest known combustion velocity for a mixture of metal oxide and aluminum: 2400 meters per second (m/s), in a type of nanothermite made of copper oxide and aluminum. Remember that…

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Sodium, Potassium and Zinc?

I'd like to ask why the elements found in the USGS dust samples, the single most comprehensive dust sampling taken during the events of 911, are never discussed?

Doesn't anyone wonder why the Sodium and Potassium are anomalous?

Where did all of the Zinc come from?

How can we achieve a 0.9897 Product Moment Correlation Coefficient with verification by 't' test statistic for the almost perfectly linear relationship between Barium and Strontium?



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