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WTC bedrock / Manhattan schist

This is exactly what the bedrock under the towers looked like before being melted:  ....  http://geology.about.com/od/more_metrocks/ig/metamorphics/NYCschist.htm  ....   After being melted , the rock looked like gray ice cream with a white

swirl.  I would suspect the white swirl is melted mica and other quartz.  I guess you would call it glass at that point. 

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I came across this while pondering the bathtub problem :  ....  http://www.nae.edu/Publications/Bridge/EngineeringandHomelandSecurity/WorldTradeCenterBathtubFromGenesistoArmageddon.aspx  ....  I also need to correct the

statement I made about the  "melted granite"  left under the towers.  The "bedrock" under the towers turns out to be mica…


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