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What We Need and Why We Do Not Get it

This article explains the silence of many intelligent people on events such as 9/11.

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Finding Closure on 9/11

I suggest to all of us who know the official theory of 9/11 is wrong that we evaluate realistically what our knowledge is worth.

I participated in the Vancouver Hearings and hoped somehow that would lead to prosecution of some of the perpetrators.

Though I am happy for my participation in what was an historic conference of speakers, I no longer believe this goal is…


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Death of Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theory is dead.

That’s because it never existed.

Whether things (allegedly) happen, it hardly matters that the action was planned; it matters a lot more as to WHO planned them and WHO carried them out.

Take the competing theories as to what happened on September 11, 2001.…


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How a Minority Makes the Rules

Do you know anyone who has any real power?  In your city, it is more than likely that a handful of people fund the top candidates for office, know about the best redevelopment deals and influence what makes it into the local media.  The same kinds of people hold power nationally as well.  Their simple way of maintaining power is to use the media to maintain a story line of what happens in our nation and why it happened.  The power remains at the top and the masses remain at the bottom, just…


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Would You Follow an Illegal Order?

Most people would undoubtedly say "No" to this question.  But my new article shows how relatively easily a person can be persuaded to abandoned their moral code to conform to popular opinion or what authority tells them.

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Fools and Children Speak the Truth

Hello all! I know it's been a while since I posted here. I am working on a more general topic now than before. I have no doubts of the falsity of the official theories of a number of infamous events. My new article aims to explain why lies are so effective and why people say they believe them when they really don't.…


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Vancouver Hearings - Evidentiary Submission by Dean Hartwell, JD of Ted and Barbara Olson

Vancouver Hearings–Evidentiary Submission by Dean T. Hartwell, JD 7/7/12

At the Vancouver Hearings, held June 15-17, 2012, judges asked participants to

write an evidentiary submission of at least two persons regarding their participation in the 9/11 plot.

I submit the names of Ted and Barbara Olson based…


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The Government Did Not Conspire on 9/11

The government did not conspire on 9/11.

In fact, the government can’t even tie its own shoes.

Individuals act on behalf of the government to collect taxes and to pay for services for its residents.

Individuals acted on 9/11.

Some of them reported what they or others did to the media.

The media is not one person or one entity.

But people who work for the media with the greatest range to…


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2nd Edition of Planes without Passengers Is Now Available!

Planes without Passengers, the 2nd edition takes from the first edition the proven theory that no hijackings took place on 9/11 and goes further by concluding that the passengers were really agents who assisted with the plot.


The book's conclusions are based primarily upon two…


Added by Dean on August 10, 2012 at 5:28pm — 3 Comments

9/11 Planes and Passengers: Where Did they Go? - from the Vancouver Hearings

I have made Power Point slides for my presentation at the Vancouver Hearings and a written version of the presentation itself available here!  The Hearings featured some of the best speeches I have heard on the topic of 9/11!…


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Planes without Passengers II: the Cleveland Agents Complete the Crime

I have made available for free my latest findings on the alleged planes and passengers of 9/11. Go to this link:

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The Mayor and the Media Created the Cleveland Plane Mystery of 9/11

A message posted briefly on a radio station’s web site on the day of September 11, 2001 continues to confound 9/11 researchers today.

The Mayor of Cleveland, Michael R. White, held a press conference at 11:00 AM and reported that a Boeing 767 out of Boston had made an emergency landing in Cleveland because of…


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Where the 9/11 Passengers Went after Landing in Cleveland

This is the most detailed account of what happened to the passengers!

I need people to challenge it!

From the article:


I refuse to give up.  On a personal note, my parents are both computer programmers.  One of the first words I learned as a child was “debug,” or clear errors out of a program.  I would watch them make…


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9/11 Truth Will Be Discovered by Those Who Assume the Least

I wanted to know the truth about 9/11 so I rounded up three people who said they knew.

Their names were OCT, PT and NPT.

I spoke first to OCT.

He told me about four airplanes, 19 hijackers, OBL and crashes into buildings…


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No, I Don't Know Where Barbara Olson Is. May I Continue?

“You don’t believe the official theory?  Then tell me what happened to Barbara Olson!”
I call this the “Barbara Olson Question,” issued usually by defenders of the theory of 9/11 that says, among other things, that the renowned political commentator was on a flight that was taken over by…

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Ted Olson Reveals More about 9/11 (Satire)

Ted had no reason to go do the media interviews and tell a story.  We saw how bad an actor he is on television that week.

It is much more likely that someone asked him to tell the story.  He was chosen for his stature and the public’s familiarity of Barbara, who became the face of the victims.

Ted agreed to do the interviews and talk about Barbara’s calls in exchange for…


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The Confession of Ted Olson: I Know Where Barbara Is (Satire)

I know where Barbara is.

You truthers have made many good discoveries:

You know there were no calls from her from Flight 77.

You know there was no Flight 77.

I can only help you so…


Added by Dean on March 12, 2012 at 10:00pm — 1 Comment

No Calls on 9/11? Here is a More Accurate Story

The official story of hijackers taking over planes on 9/11 and crashing them into buildings is based on two phone calls that never happened.  Barbara Olson never called her husband, Ted, and Todd Beamer never called Lisa Jefferson, a Verizon phone representative.…


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Reasons for Doubting All Theories about the Boarding of United 93

The boarding of United 93 on 9/11 presents a puzzle in its own right.  

There is a manifest and there are boarding passes that show the names of passengers who took the flight.

The flight went to the Midwest and was in the air after the alleged…


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Hypothesis: The Boarding of United 93 on 9/11


Plotters sent the “relatives” of the “victims” to Newark Airport to get their plane tickets and boarding passes at secret location (a.k.a. “United 91,” a flight many of the United 93 passengers were originally supposed to board.  It never flew.)

Relatives use the names of the “victims” and board United 93 at the…


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