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Agument: Netanyahu was the Mastermind behind 9/11 . . .

Date:  Thu, 05 May 2011 20:06:46 -0700 [05/05/2011 10:06:46 PM CDT]
From:  "Wendy Campbell" <wendy@sanfranciscoandbeyond.com>
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Subject:  Netanyahu is the Mastermind behind 9-11 attacks---NO DOUBT ABOUT IT
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Hi All,

I just did a google search on “Netanyahu the mastermind of 9-11” , because that’s what I truly have come to the conclusion after much research both on-line and reading, study, cross-referencing, talking to others, watching DVDs, attending conferences and talks, and I just wanted to see what’s “out there” on the web about this.

For the newbies, I’ll spell it out concisely.  Current Israeli Prime Minister and long-time chief in the Israeli Mossad (spy agency, like the USA’s CIA), Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu, whose father was quoted in an Israeli paper as having “dreamed” of a major attack like 9-11 happening in the USA “by Muslims” (before 9-11 happened), wrote a campaign paper in Israel called “A Clean Break”.  He wrote it along with Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, both Jewish Israeli-Americans.  That Clean Break paper was the basis for “Project for New American Century” (PNAC), authored in 1996 by Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and a host of other Jewish Israeli-Americans and endorsed by Dick Cheney.  PNAC called for rolling out an aggressive war on countries in the Middle East, especially those hostile to the Jewish state of Israel which has been a bleeding thorn in the side of Arabs ever since it was created in 1948.  PNAC stated that they wanted to start their war on Iraq, because they sensed it could be pulled off the easiest, both in terms of their propaganda that is repeated over and over on “our” media and by “our” bought-out politicians, and also in terms of military might.

But they actually wrote that there would have to be some kind of “Pearl Harbor-style disaster” as in a huge terrorist attack to “let it roll” as in, let their so-called “war on terror”, a US-led war on these Arab and Muslim countries, begin.  


The planning for 9-11 was hatched behind closed doors, in Tel Aviv.

Then, it was “sold” in a veiled way to sell-outs like Dick Cheney, and others, in the USA, who were mostly told only some aspects of the plan, as on a “need to know” basis, like all covert operations.

Larry Silverstein bought the World Trade Center about 6 months before the attacks.  The largest Jewish on-line website Forward.com wrote a story of how Larry Silverstein and Netanyahu are great friends and talk on the phone every Sunday.

Israeli companies handle all the phone records in the US and also do all the wiretapping.  Just google “Fox News Israeli Spying on the US” to watch the 4 part series with Brit Hume and Carl Cameron about this that was made shortly after the 9-11 attacks— you’ll find it on-line to watch, courtesy of me, who spent $250 to get it on DVD from a company that specializes in archiving news coverage, since Fox News yanked it out of their archives since the Israeli-American Jewish activist Abe Foxman, of the ADL (a Jewish watchdog/ arm of Mossad operation) demanded that they delete it from their archives. Yep, I sold it for a while to others (certainly got my $250 back!) and someone put it on-line, so YOU CAN watch what THEY don’t want you too! Oh yes, there IS censorship in the USA. I also still have DVDs for you who want one.

So, I guess we won’t be getting those phone records or any wiretappings of those discussions between Silverstein and Netanyahu, but one can safely assume that they were discussing how to pull off exploding the Twin Towers AND Building 7 (which the media AND the “official” report from the government about 9-11 completely IGNORED— but you can google and find coverage of that too and even a video of Silverstein himself saying “they decided to pull it”, amazing but true!).  

There were many reports, from people who worked in the twin towers, of power outages, and one elevator was “out of commission” for several weeks leading up to the 9-11 attacks.  Video cameras were down, as a result of the power outages, conveniently, for the Mossad Israeli spies who planted the explosives in the Twin Towers AND Building 7, all which exploded and came down into their footprints on 9-11-01. And Building 7 was not even hit by a jet! The Twin Towers were built to withstand being hit by a jet, as even a video of the architect explains, which I saw. He died in one of the Twin Towers on 9-11.  Building 7 is thought by many to have been demolished by the Isarelis because it was used as the headquarters of the Operation 9-11 Attacks.  “Lucky” Larry Silverstein made out like the bandit that he is with the largest insurance payout in history.

There is plenty of now “forgotten” news footage of firemen and people at the WTC that day saying how they heard several explosions and one in the basements of the towers and there were reports of a van there. But “our” government and “our” media never investigated the use of explosives.  They didn’t want to go there, for by now, OBVIOUS reasons.

Right after the attacks, certainly a “scene of a crime”, several humongous crimes actually, a man who was Israeli-American got permission to take all the evidence at the scene of the crime and ship it off to China to be melted down.  Guiliano certainly gave a wink and a nod to allow that to happen, too.  It is a crime in and of itself to remove evidence from the scene of a crime.

The hit on the Pentagon is also mysterious with not debris from a passenger plane and just a hole in the side of the building. Possible explosives as well.

There are many questions and a REAL and independent investigation of 9-11 needs to be re-opened.  I’d like to see all the people I’ve mentioned above called in before a Grand Jury.

And I’d like to see JUSTICE meted out to each and every one of those who are truly GUILTY of not only masterminding, orchestrating and implementing the 9-11 attacks, but those who LET it happen— all those who know what was going on, but just did and said what their Zionist masters told them to, in order to get rich and keep their jobs.

You can find a list of these evil criminals on this website:


You can get some in-depth news, real news, about what really happened on 9-11 on these websites:




Rediscover911.com has my name on it as a developer.  I’m proud to say that I am fearless with regards to following the Truth and nothing but the Truth.

I also found this concise post in my google search with keywords “Netanyahu the mastermind of 911” (but of course, you won’t find any of this in “our” “mainstream” media which is nothing but tightly controlled propaganda spoon-fed to us as “news”-- THEY don’t want you to even THINK about this stuff, for even one nanosecond!):

Khanverse wrote:

OBL been dead for almost 10 years. obituary was in Pakistani newspaper in 2002. Benazir Bhutto matter of factly said he was killed back in her 08 interview. bush & co kept sayin they didn't care. they distracted the lemmings with no. 2, zawahiri. The khalid sheikh muhammad they have in custody is not the real khalid sheikh muhammad, its an old crazy person, that's why they won't have a public trial even though he's supposed to be the mastermind.

the real mastermind of 9/11 is netanyahu, the entire thing was authored there. nothing but dual citizen israelis involved and profiting @ the highest levels in the attack.

Isser Harel said "they" would knock the towers down in 1979. Wake up, Israel runs you, America. Only country that got away with attacking the US with no retaliation. (1967 - USS Liberty)

in reference to bolded above see:

Aftermath, court cases, victim compensation:

Judge Michael Mukasey
Judge Alvin Hellerstein
Sheila Birnbaum
Ken Feinberg

Towers/Privatization/Security/Airline Security

Jerome Hauer
Larry Silverstein
Menachem Atzmon
Lewis Eisenberg
Ronald Lauder


Michael Chertoff
Philip Zelikow
Alan Ratner (metals management - shipped off scrap metal of WTC to china)

Rabbi Dov Zakheim (pentagon comptroller)
Isser Harel (mossad head)
Benjamin Netanyahu

Computer Interoperability Problem (delayed response)

James Schlessinger (mitre)
Michael Goff (ptech)

etc, etc...

Anyway, if you have read all this and done some research on the websites I provided above (and believe me, there are MANY more), then I would say you have an open and curious mind and have somehow escaped being “mind-controlled” by the “masters of discourse” in this country.  I would say there is hope that the Truth will be revealed.  I would say there is hope for Justice.  And then there is hope for Peace.

God bless the peace-makers!


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