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Another despicable post by a Judy Wood sychophant . . .

And I guarantee you she is dictating every word of this:

Default Another despicable post by a Judy Wood sycophant . . .

You are an incredibly arrogant, snot-nosed little twit who has no idea what
he is talking about. You appear to share Judy's fixation with very modest
questions I asked John Hutchison regarding his educational background on
a program where they appeared together. If you were to listen to the show,
it would be obvious that I wanted to know what qualified him for the kind of
research in electromagnetism he claimed to be performing. For reasons of
her own, Judy was offended, when it should have been obvious that, since
electromagnetism is among the most compex of all subjects in physics, it
was most unlikely John could have been making the kinds of discoveries 
I interview on my shows is none of your business. Phil and Larry had new
information they wanted to share. I had no idea what it was. But why do
you think you have the right to decide whom I do or do not interview on my
own show? Your crude distortions of my views by taking sentences or even
phrases out of context is as cheap and phony as it comes. Go back to Judy
and tell her that she learned the lessons of Greg Jenkins very well. This is
as disgusting as it gets. Her sickness appears to have rubbed off on you.

Quote Originally Posted by Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez View Post
Mr. Fetzer,

What I have heard on your radio show was not the actions of someone who is genuinely interested in the truth, and I am not only referring to this recent discussion about nude Israeli art students. I am also referring to the time when you entertained ridiculous discussion about Dr. Wood's personal life, and other clips that have made it very apparent as to what kind of 'truth-spreading' you deem to be 'scientific'.

Mr. Fetzer, I find it quite astonishing to learn that you seem to think that wasting air time on your radio show by facilitating discussion of outrageous theories such as:

'the reason for the extreme lack of debris at ground zero was possibly due to nude Israeli art students. It is possible that they nearly completely emptied the building, including the hundreds of metal file cabinets, hundreds of toilets, hundreds of metal door knobs, and much, much more, in just a few days time, without any employees or concerned citizens noticing'... 

...is somehow more 'scientific' than my efforts to review, understand, and spread awareness about the massive amount of well-referenced, easily-verifiable, extremely important physical evidence that Dr. Wood has gathered, and these actions of yours indicate to me that you really are not worthy of any further wasting of my study time.

Mr. Fetzer, if you think that you are being more "scientific" than me by using air time on your radio show to ignore important evidence,only to entertain discussion of outrageous theories instead, then you really are in no place (not that you ever where) to be telling others that they 'need to get help'. 
Quote Originally Posted by James H. Fetzer View Post
Tell Judy it is apparent that she needs professional help. Unreal!
You may even need some yourself, but I am not a psychiatrist so I won't waste time speculating about such nonsense.

Before I go, I would like to remind you of one simple but important fact:

Light always wins, every time. Light is something, Darkness is nothing. Light is made of photons, Darkness is the abscence of photons. Where darkness is, light can pierce, vanquishing the darkness. The reverse is not true, as darkness is completely powerless against the light. The shadows are clearing, and I strongly hope that you will consider accelerating the process rather than continuing to work against it. It's never too late to do the right thing, and the future of this beautiful planet depends on our doing just that.

In Peace,


Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez
M2 Medical Student
B.S. Biology / Neurobiology

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Comment by Thoth II on February 18, 2011 at 8:48am

All of these people like Jones, Wood, et al, remind me so much of guys like Josiah Thompson who despite evidence to the contrary, maintain their mistaken hypotheses.  They no longer become objective scientists but rather in the category of "banging their shoe on the table"  and bad behavoir to convince their followers.


That is why scientific technique is valuable, we have a procedure that is independent of these human foibles, and gives us the best guide to "truth".  

Comment by Thoth II on February 18, 2011 at 3:31am
I really think Hutchison's work is in the category of "flim flam showmanship" and not real science.  Judy Wood is off base in thinking the Hutch effect (if there is such a thing) has anything to do with 911.
Comment by James H. Fetzer on February 18, 2011 at 1:27am

I have now also sent this to Judy Wood and to John Hutchison,

lisajudy@nctv.com, "john hutchison" <johnkh25@yahoo.com>

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