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Expanding the No Hijacker Hypothesis

So far, I have presented my hypothesis that Flights 11 and 77 never flew that day, Flight 175 flew to Cleveland and Flight 93 landed safely somewhere in Pennsylvania. I also state my beliefs that the World Trade Centers One and Two were struck by small planes, drones or missiles and that a plane nearly struck the Pentagon.

I believe passengers got on board Flights 175 and 93 and deplaned as well. The passengers associated with Flight 11 were on Flight 175 and some of the passengers associated with Flight 77 assisted the plotters, most likely in planting evidence at the Pentagon.

The question of what happened to the passengers will always come up and it is this question that I follow. But another question precedes it: how many passengers are we talking about?

My most reliable sources say that 200 passengers were observed being led from a plane at Cleveland Municipal Airport in the direction of a NASA building nearby. Logic helps us to conclude that these passengers arrived on the second of two planes which made emergency landings between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on September 11, 2001. We know this because reliable sources state that 69 passengers left the other plane, identified positively as Delta 1989.

The witnesses likely gave the number 200 as an estimate. It is hard to imagine anyone who happened to look over in that direction to actually count the people walking from the plane. But the estimate
easily allows us to distinguish this group from the other one because we have a definite number that is so much less than 200.

I have hypothesized that these passengers came from Flights 11 and 175. Although there are no official numbers of passengers for either flight, manifests and other sources give us a very good guess. David
Ray Griffin has used the numbers 92 and 65 for Flights 11 and 175, respectively.

It is reasonable that a person would look at a group of 157 persons and estimate 200. If we added the estimated passengers for Flight 93, we would have 202 as our number, which of course is much closer than 157. But again, this is an estimate and I do not find any real problem with either number being the true number based on the estimate of 200.

My belief that Flight 175 was the second plane in Cleveland is based on two assumptions: the first is that Flight 93 left Newark too late (8:42 AM) to pick up additional passengers and make it to Cleveland by
10:45 AM. The second is that the facts operate in a “closed” system in which we have two flights, 175 and 93, that are otherwise unaccounted for and that the discovery of a second plane in Cleveland is the best fit for 175 and a plane seen in Pennsylvania accounts for 93.

Are there better ways to explain what happened besides my two assumptions? If that is the case, we must learn more about the flights themselves. The official theory has given its flight paths for all four of the flights that it describes, but because I do not think two of them flew, I do not find their paths especially helpful.

Also, the fact that transponders were turned off made planes harder to identify by sources that would ordinarily be helpful, like the Federal Aviation Administration. We also know that simulations were taking place that day in that part of the United States, which further diminished the possibility of accurate mapping. So, too, did false “blips” on the screens of those monitoring planes.

In other words, maps may not be available to tell us exactly where 175 and 93 flew. I have picked 175 over 93 to be in Cleveland because the plane had the time available to make the distance from Boston to Cleveland in the time needed, the number of passengers to match the estimate of passengers seen in Cleveland from the second plane and the plotters had a motive to sneak the plane of passengers in
during an evacuation to avoid much notice. Flight 175 meets all three criteria, while Flight 93 only meets the last one.

As far as other planes are concerned, there are reports of additional planes being used as part of the plot. But the additional planes cannot answer the question of passengers, who by logic must be accounted for. It may not be settled as to how many passengers there were, or if all alleged passengers were real rather than
fictional names, but we do have a set of over two hundred names of those who were said to have boarded one of the planes in question that morning. No one has alleged any other set of missing persons from airplane flights.

I believe my assumptions are reasonable and will continue with them unless I encounter more reliable information.

That means the approximately 200 passengers from Flight 175 who landed in Cleveland were, in some way or another, part of the plot. Officially, they would be known as the passengers in the airplane that struck World Trade Center Two, or the south tower. Because the official story is a fiction, the plotters needed to find a place for the passengers on the plane that would not contradict the story. So they landed them as a part of an emergency ruse in Cleveland and ordered agents of the plot to take them to the NASA room.

As I state in my hypothesis, the plotters had different ways to deal with this group of passengers. Eventually, the passengers would learn of the day’s events and likely their role in helping the plot and the cover story. Obviously, they would not be allowed to reveal the information and the question has been raised as to whether the plotters simply killed them off.

Knowing more about these passengers would assist us in determining their fate. Credible studies have shown the ease of which the “morphing” of faces can be done to create images of fictional people. But
this still does not explain the approximately 200 people at the Cleveland airport.

Were these passengers agents of the intelligence community? Their chances of surviving, being given new identities, etc. would be pretty high. Or were they unwitting to the plot, in which case their chances of having been killed off would be high.

Going through each alleged passenger of Flights 11 and 175 and (1) ascertaining that they really existed and (2) their respective backgrounds will assist us greatly in determining where the passengers went.

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Comment by sandy rose on September 15, 2010 at 12:16pm
interesting point of view. that was an eye opener, seeing you actually
mention drones as a possibility. the drones that i think were involved,
x43 A scramjets, are nasa babies, so the people being shuffled over
to nasa place would go with the nasa being involved part. i've thought
suspiciously of nasa ever since seeing the drones that look so much
like the flying pig on naudet doc, see web fairy 9/11 stuff.
so is there an online place where one can see a full list of people
who were supposedly on these planes? i've seen bits about a couple
of folks, but not all together in one list. be interesting to see. you
have a good knack for looking outside the box. good place to look!

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