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I’ve not seen a lot of predictions for 2013, except I saw vision after vision of false flag operations, the visions have been repeated over and over again. Obama won’t attack Iran and Israel can’t manage it, so they will have to suck America in.

The idea is that they attack an American asset, a ship say, and blame Iran. Obama might well know that it was Israel who did it, but he may be too scared not to follow through with the wishes of the Jews. Jim Fetzer of Veterans Today, says Mossad attacked the children at Sandy Hook as vengeance against Obama and America, because Obama would not support Netanyahu when Netanyahu went to the UN with his sparky bomb cartoon.

Fetzer article: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/12/23/mossad-death-squads-slaught...

It has also been suggested that Mossad were trying to frighten Obama because he wants to appoint an anti-Israel senator, Chuck Hagel, as his security advisor. So now, after Sandy Hook, Obama might appoint one of the Israeli Americans, or at least a pro-Jewish person instead. You’d have to image with 7500 Israelis in the US government, Obama would be worried as to whom he could trust.

All year I have been praying naively for peace. Then I was shown a series of visions whereby the war between israel and Iran is needed. For without it, Israel and the repressive regime in Iran will never be destroyed, essentially we need the two contestants to rub each other out. Then there will be peace. All the wars America fights are in support of the Zionist cause. Without the Zionists there is no need for war.

The industrial war machine in the US is keen on promoting the phony Moslem threat, as it involves huge sums of money. War and killing for profit, what a sad world.

Even though the whole Jewish thing has been massively exposed in a hundred million pages on the Internet, genocide in Palestine, the treachery of the Federal Reserve, the frauds on Wall Street and the disinformation of the US media, people have not yet come to understand the true level of it all.

The Mossad emblem says, “By way of deception, thou shall do war”. But it doesn’t mention what happens when that deception is uncovered and unmasked, and the world gets heartily pissed off with the antics of the Zionist Jews, and the Russians nuke Jerusalem, say. India yesterday declared itself with Iran, along with Russia and China. Megalomania is blind, it always believes nothing can go wrong. There is a danger in it for ordinary Jews, it could promote a second holocaust. I worry about that a lot.

So we have to go through it all over the next couple of years, as that is our karma, or let’s say, the cost of liberation. Without it the world will never grow up and become free. The world has to amputate the Zionist threat and that might be painful for both us and the Zionists. Without it we will all become the slaves of madmen.

The ordinary Jews have gone through so much in 2000 years since the Roman occupation of Palestine, it seems a terrible thing that the Zionists will suck them into more horrors. But us non-Jews won’t get away scot free, for if the Jews go down, they will take us all with them. In conclusion, I believe the war with Iran will happen this year through trickery and threat, mid-March say, as a guess. Be prepared. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

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