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Is this the best (most convincing) 9/11 NO PLANES NUKED WTC documentary EVER??? by Mike Philbin

Is this the best (most convincing) 9/11 NO PLANES NUKED WTC documentary EVER???


I'll admit up front, I've NEVER been a real big fan of this 'paranoid/schizoid' suggestion from 'certain members of the tinfoilhat community' that there were 'no planes' used on the September 11th 2001 'terrorist attack on WTC 1, 2 and Pentagon'. 

They're known (derisively) as NO PLANERS. 

I mean, I'd always found that lovely yellow ignition flash (on the building's outer face) as the nose goes in, erm, suspicious, as there's nothing in the front of the jet to cause this. And that strange 'blob' under the plane, commercial airplanes just don't have that. Do these all point towards wrong 3D model used? But I'd never found the NO PLANERS' arguments valid or realistic - until now.

Here is (the stunning) part 6 of an eight-part doumentary called THE GREAT AMERICAN PSY-OPERA by 'Ace Baker'. Note the official website PSY-OPERA dot com no longer exists, gives an error message, and the wikisite page dealing with definitive scientific treatise on the video compositing has been demolished, excused with 9/11 Commission-approved truth.

The Great American Psy-Opera lays out a hornet's nest of clinical investigative analysis, of events of the day and techniques used to convince You The People that 'their story' was the only story. 

I especially appreciated inclusion of the jittery (rendered) plane on the 'stabilized live footage' and the 'displaced' half-screen-matte pop-through on the five-miles-away helicopter shot. The six composited noses pre- and post- impact made me laugh out loud. And the fact that a professional AVID green-screener was actually taking the helicopter footage on the day. The missing vortex from the penetrating jet's wings, as the bombs went off. 

One is reminded (chucklingly so) of the rendered fireworks comp'd into the LIVE opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics - remember, the pyrotechnic footprints as the camera panned towards the Royal Palace?

I love the term 'Compositraitors'. I'm gonna add part seven, because it's driving me crazy. 

That was gonna be it, but I'll add in the (super brave) NUCLEAR EXPLOSION theory part 4: seriously, rock-buried 150 kt 72 meters below ground zero Dmitri Khalezov would be so proud.

Wait a fucking minute, are we really saying this is how the pre-9/11 meeting went, "Al Qaeda will NUKE the World Trade Centers 1 and 2 in downtown Manhattan, from the base up, and MAINSTREAM MEDIA will composite a fake plane into live footage prior to the event?" we can clean up in post and the 9/11 Commission will back up our story using National Security to smudge any of the truth into convoluted oblivion.

If we're not really saying that, who stage-managed the well-scripted 9/11 GLOBAL LIVE EVENT or MASS SNUFF FILM?

You can now watch all eight-parts of THE GREAT AMERICAN PSY-OP documentary on the Collin Alexander youtube page as aSINGLE PLAYLIST.

Of course, this is until the whole 9/11 Story changes its chimeric spots again!


Renn said...

About a month or so after 9/11 a friend of mine met someone in the military and was told holographic technology was used at the WTC.
Something always looked "ghostly" about the plane that was shown flying into the tower. I don't have the real answer except those towers were not brought down by a plane. If we ever get to the truth on this we will see why we are in the bogus war on terror and financial meltdown right now, and who is behind it all.

Mike Philbin said...


you don't need ANY PLANE (real or hologram) to do a live composite with a LIVE COMPOSITE MASTER doing the compositing.


flowingeddie said...

Ace is a musical and scientific genius! This IS the best film about the chicanery of the Military-Industrial-MEDIA complex on 9/11, ever. From his heart- felt musical score I can only begin to feel what he has gone though to bring us the truth. No tin foil required. This is expert testimony of a film producers view of the evidence, how it was done and the various "Leaders" of the so-called 9/11 truth movement. 5 stars!

No planes crashed anywhere on 9/11/01. It's simple physics.

Thanks for this post Mike!

opit said...

I had never heard of al-CIAda before 911. Nor was I impressed by a story within a day telling all about people killed in their own explosion even before the forensic investigation that never occurred. I was more interested in the missing gold on deposit in the vault than even shots which looked like building supports being blown. But complicity of government is indicated in another way
I played the interview.It is a real hummer.

Mike Philbin said...

thanks flowingeddie,

I blog'd about that two days ago, http://mikephilbin.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/dick-gregory-arrested-alo...

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Comment by Shallel Octavia on March 26, 2012 at 7:20pm

So very sad but true, not only joe6er, but even people in high positions in the court system and other fields of study do not understand basic physics and math. I am grateful for having all the fine minds here, and truly appreciate everyone's input. Ace has done an excellent job animating the crash, though it is easy to see why the perp media did not want to model reality, but play into exactly what they were programming our minds with all these years - cartoons!

Comment by Thoth II on March 26, 2012 at 1:25pm

good, at about 4:13 in top video it shows exactly what it would have looked like if a real Boeing had hit into the tower.  That Purdue sim is clearly the garbage in, garbage out rigged sim, and his visit to Purdue's scientists just confirm how flimsy that sim was.  They just figured joe sixpack watches TV, not studies or understands rudimentary physics, and so they'd convince the vast majority the first day.

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