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Jim Fetzer on a new documentary about Argentine false flag attack on AMIA, 1994




Director: Maria POUMIER (maria.poumier@wanadoo.fr), France 2014.

Documentary, 59', PAL. Lenguage: spanish, english, french subtitles.

On february 2013, an agreement between Argentina and Iran was signed in order to investigate the case of the AMIA attack in Buenos Aires 1994, imputed by previous judicial and political authorities in Argentina to the Iranian authorities.

What does this agreement mean in terms of relationship between Argentina and Iran?

What does it mean for Zionistan? Why did the main media protest and zionist authorities in Argentina rejected it?

Through 20 interviews of investigators, advocates, journalists, academics, witnesses and activists for human rights, a disclosure of official lies, fake planted evidences, bribes, media campaigns; how all of these have made  impossible until now to identify the criminals. The meaning of the Argentina -Iran agreement, signed in 2013. The international outreach of the AMIA case, similarities with other terrorist, mysterious attacks, with false accusations against Muslims. 

Interviewed personnalities: Adrián Albor, "Juan Pueblo", Stella Calloni, Nora Cortiñas, Luis d'Elía, Fernando Esteche, Gabriel Fernández, Alejandro Olmos Alberto Gaona, Néstor Gorojoski, Raúl Kollman, Juan Gabriel Labaké, José Petrosino, Hugo Presman, Jorge Rachid, Juan José Salinas, Adrián Salbuchi, sheikh Abdul Karim Paz, sheik Mohsen Rabbani, Thierry Meyssan, James H. Fetzer.



Part I: The failed plot

Part II: Facts and tracks

Part III: Next step?

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