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John Lear on Holograms - real as the nose on your face.

Holography was invented in 1947 and has been continually improved until
about 20 years ago when ‘they’ were able to project a solid looking, 3 dimensional,
moveable object of any size or shape which could itself project, sound, light and heat.

If you were to look at a current technology holograph, you could not tell the difference
between the holograph and the real thing. It can be projected in full daylight or night.
It does not look fake or shadowy. The image does not ripple, fade or become out of focus.
You can’t see through it.

It needs only one projector and the size of the projector depends of the size of the
projection. I have never seen a projector but I would estimate that a holograph
projector that could project the image of a full size Boeing 767 would be about 10 ft.sq.

About 10 years ago a friend of mine was invited to a high level meeting of Hollywood
movie and television producers (about 30 people) for a presentation of “The Future of
Television.” They were ushered into a well lighted but small theater, the kind used for
movie previews. It had a elevated stage and podium with stairways.

After everyone was seated (the lighting remained on and bright) an elderly gentlemen
with a eastern European accent, white hair, glasses, suit and tie walked out from behind the curtain
and stepped up to the podium and began a somewhat boring lecture on the history of television
going back to the cathode ray tube development, then the kinescope recorder then tape and
eventually color.

During his lecture, which lasted about twenty minutes he went down the stairs beside the podium
and walked up one aisle next the audience, occasionally taking off his glasses and reaching into
his pocket for a handerkerchief to clean them. And then walking back to the podium and up the other

He then walked back towards the stage walked up the stairs and stood behind the podium.

After boring everybody to death he brought his speech to a close and just like turning off a light switch
he disappeared. The gentlemen had been a holographic image. His voice came from his mouth and
not a set of speakers, his shoes squeaked and technically he could have farted and gassed those
near to him. This was the introduction of holography to Hollywood.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that within the next 10 years your home television set would be a holographic
projector where the image could be placed on any table or the floor, adjusted to the preferred size of the image
and watch you preferred show. The projector, probably the size of a 13 inch television set and eventually much
smaller could be placed anywhere; even on the ceiling.

The image will be so real you’ll feel like you could actually touch it. You will have a little hand held controller
that will adjust the size of the image, the volume and encasement, that is, whether your want the image encased
in a sphere, cube or any shape or size.

You will be able to walk around it 360 degrees and right through it.

Those who don’t believe that holography, as I have described, exists and has been operational for about 20 years
are those kind of people who get their information from the web, CNN and 60 minutes. These are the same people who would say, “I googled holography every possible way and there is nothing about what John Lear is describing.” They are also called ‘plane huggers’ because they don’t know very much about anything our government is capable of especially in the advanced technology department. They have no ability to look into the future. These people are not dumb. They are just ignorant.

John Lear

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Comment by Shallel Octavia on September 30, 2010 at 8:54pm
Weird synchronicity with this excellent morsel from John. When I posted this the words real as the nose on your
face just popped into my big, giant head. It's not a phrase I use a lot, but I ran with it. So I'm just watching Part
3 of "John Lear tells all" on youtube, and he says those exact words, (referring to aliens) and I had never seen this video before. I always take note of these synchronous things in my life. Intuition is a key we need to heed.

Anyway, the video is worth a watch if you have the time and interest in the hidden world of compartmentalized secret operations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj-HzHi3dF0&feature=channel

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