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I am writing the definitive true story of Lloyde England, the taxi cab driver who was jettisoned to fame on 9/11 when a pole speared through his windshield as he drove south down Route 27 beside the Pentagon. Many photos and videos showed Lloyde and his cab on top of the Columbia Pike overpass bridge, beside an enormous downed light pole.

These photos were used to "prove" the Official Fairy Tale that Flight AA77 flew across the bridge, knocking down a corridor of 5 light poles before crashing into the Pentagon. They were also submitted as evidence in the Moussaoui trial.

Lloyde England has been categorised as a lying complicit operative in the plot, because it is so obvious that the damage to his cab could not have been done by that pole, and that this scene must therefore have been staged.

However, Lloyde never claimed it was THAT pole which hit his cab. It could not possibly have been, because he was not on the bridge when this happened. He was 400 yards further north on the highway, opposite the Heliport, beside the retaining wall at the cemetery.

New evidence has now been analysed on about 8 videos taken within the first 8 minutes post impact from numerous vantage points near the Pentagon, which prove that Lloyde's own story, not the government version of it, is absolutely true.

One video shows Lloyde's cab immobilised there at 4 minutes post impact, with the pole still diagonally through the windshield.

About 20 yards in front of it, the White Van is parked.

Across the road is Steve Riskus' car.

Beside the cab, across the barricade, is a police car which later appeared in the same relative position to Lloyde's cab after it had been relocated to the bridge.

Behind Lloyde's cab, a black tow truck is pulling up.

Every detail in Lloyde England's story can be verified on this series of independent videos, which can be cross-referenced to give a perfect timeline of all the elements which had to be successfully performed to impale Lloyde's cab in real time as the plane flew across, through to the relocation of the cab by the tow truck and trailer.

Another twist in the story is that there was an identical but undamaged decoy Capitol Cab on the bridge for the first 6 minutes, holding the place in view of any onlookers until Lloyde's cab with smashed windscreen was moved to the bridge at 9:43 a.m. So motorists at both sites - on the bridge, and beside the cemetery wall - could testify that they had seen the cab, which explains perplexing anomalies in other details of their eye witness testimonies.

Jason Ingersoll's time stamped photo series first shows Lloyde's cab on the bridge 5 minutes later, at 9:48 a.m., 11 minutes post impact.

The fact that Lloyde England's cab was the subject of a sophisticated, premeditated plot carried out with military precision to a tight time schedule in front of (or in fact behind) all the witnesses at the Pentagon between 9:37:46 and 9:44 a.m., is the new solid gold evidence proving that 9/11 was a black operation. Operatives at the highest levels are identified on these videos as they performed their parts in the scheme.

The Moussaoui conviction therefore was obtained using demonstrably fraudulent evidence contrived by the American government and military, according to this new information, and should be quashed.

The fact that Lloyde England was 400 yards north of the bridge when the plane flew over his car, is the solid evidence that proves the north side flight path, and also that the 5 downed light poles had to have been staged.

The premeditation of this event also proves that the pole which speared England's cab, could not possibly have been hit by any plane, as no plane can perform such a manoeuvre to order.

Some other military technology was involved in the perpetration of this crime.

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Comment by Ruby Gray on April 22, 2019 at 7:03am

Nice to hear from you Shallel!
It is difficult to find the whole Jason Ingersoll collection these days. Most of the links don't work, for me anyway. They used to all be at the DOD site but I can't access them.

The photos pertaining to the Lloyde England cab scene can still be found here on CIT's website.


Their take on Lloyde England's testimony as presented on their videos and many forums, is I contend, deeply flawed.

But they at least did several hours of interviews with him, and inspected the preserved taxi cab, so we can study Lloyde's side of the story and ignore their editorialising. And they have provided us with these excellent photos - which actually caused the conflict in the first place. CIT were so blinded by these quality images, that they never could accept Lloyde's statement that he was not on the bridge when the pole hit the cab. Nobody ever noticed before that these other videos exist which were taken prior to Ingersoll's photos, that corroborate Lloyde's statement about his location at the time the plane flew over the Pentagon.

Comment by Shallel Octavia on April 18, 2019 at 10:14pm

Thanks Ruby! If a 757 were flying at the speed stated (532 mph) in the FEMA report, it wouldn't be able to get low enough to hit those light poles, and would undergo stresses that would tear it apart without hitting anything. 

Your information is an important corroborating account! Could you please link us to Jason Ingersoll's photos?

Thanks for helping expose these treasonous acts.

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