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*Propaganda Alert*: Tough Decisions: "The Road We've Traveled" Teaser - Obama for America 2012 - Youtube trailer

Uploaded by BarackObamadotcom on Mar 11, 2012:


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Here are my comments, since I am sure they will not be approved by BarackObamadotcom youtube channel!

1) This is complete, utter, disgusting propaganda. Osama died in December, 2001, had NOTHING to do with 9/11, and Obama killed some homeless bum with a beard. That is MURDER. The US Empire operates on lies only. There is no truth left here. Eat the garbage, cartoon news, carcinogenic food and water and breathe deep the poisons sprayed above your heads each day. Your country is homicidal and genocidal. There is no branch of your government that is at all legitimate. Aren't you proud?

2) I doubt my previous comment will be approved. Truth is a four lettered word, you know. And it will never appear on The President's teleprompter. Your deceit is disgraceful. Killing millions for blatant lies is the business of this country for my entire life here.

3) It is a complete antithesis to the soul of what this Country was founded upon to censor my free speech. We the people indeed! Excuse me while I puke.

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