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Sanctions in Gallop 9/11 lawsuit send a message: seek justice at your own risk By Craig McKee

Sanctions in Gallop 9/11 lawsuit send a message: seek justice at your own risk


By Craig McKee

The message is loud and clear. Go after justice for 9/11 in the courts, and not only will you lose, you’ll be punished.

That’s what April Gallop and her lawyer, William Veale, found out as their lawsuit against former vice-president Dick Cheney, former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld, and former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Richard Myers concluded with a final slap in the face. This came in the form of a $15,000 fine levied against Veale for filing a “frivolous” appeal (the appeal had already been turned down in April of last year).

The decision was handed down by a three-judge panel headed by Justice John M. Walker, who just happens to be George W. Bush’s cousin – proving that the American justice system has a twisted sense of humour at times.

In March 2010, a lower court threw the original case out, stating that it was based on “cynical delusion and fantasy.”

Gallop, a former U.S. Army executive administrative assistant and her then two-month-old son were injured in the Pentagon event on 9/11 when an explosion in her office brought the ceiling down on them. Gallop’s desk was in the Pentagon’s E Ring, the outermost of the building’s five rings. Her desk was reported to be just 40 feet from where Flight 77 is supposed to have hit the building shortly after 9:30 a.m. on Sept. 11.

Gallop reports she carried her child to safety through the hole in the building where the plane was supposed to have entered. She says she saw no evidence of a plane having hit: no wreckage, no bodies, no jet fuel, nothing. She says she thought her computer had triggered the explosion, reporting that there were “flames coming out of the computers.”

Gallop’s original suit pointed to the fact that no alarm was ever sounded at the Pentagon even though it appeared that Cheney and others were tracking a plane’s progress towards the Pentagon. She has stated that there were frequent alarm drills in the Pentagon in the days leading up to 9/11 but none on that day.

The case laid out by Veale addressed the 9/11 official story and why the evidence points to it being false. It dealt with events at the Pentagon, the World Trade Center, and in Shanksville, Penn. The complaint pointed to a number of areas where the defendants clearly lied about where they were on the morning of 9/11 and what they were doing. It also looked at the evidence that neither Flight 77 nor any other 757 hit the Pentagon:

One of those possibilities is that there was a plane substituted for Flight 77, possibly while flying over West Virginia, that was fitted and painted to look like Flight 77, which plane actually flew over the building while some other plane or missile exploded into the building on a slightly different flight path.  There is the further possibility that no flying object hit the building at all, that the damage there was done by pre-placed explosives.   Parts of an aircraft found in the rubble could have been planted in the building before the attacks so they could be found afterward.  It will take an honest investigation and subpoena power to learn the truth.

I guess lawyers and their clients will think twice before using the courts to go after very powerful people who think they’re above the law – that’s because it appears they ARE above the law.

But why should the court system be any different from all the other corrupted institutions in the country? Law enforcement won’t do its job, the media won’t do theirs, the politicians are bought and paid for, and much of the population is looking the other way while it all happens.

It seems that with every new attack on civil liberties and Constitutional freedoms in America, the enemies of truth get bolder. The corporate media continue steering the public away from what’s really being done to them and to their country with the deft use of fear and distraction.

Fortunately, there is a determined minority that continues to fight for truth. But it’s up against a population that is complacent and obedient and a powerful elite that feels invincible. It’s up to the sincere members of the 9/11 Truth movement to find a way to prove that they aren’t.

Veale says that if any supporters would like to contribute to paying off the $15,000 fine, they can send a cheque to the Center for 9/11 Justice; 2033 N. Main St., Suite 1060; Walnut Creek, CA 94596.

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