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As we prepare to be morally and intellectually outraged, once again, by the disgusting avalanche of CIA/Mossad-financed "JFK documentaries" that will overwhelm the "non-fiction" cable-TV channels this November, let's take a wider look at the possibly interlocking agenda items ALSO spewed forth by the producers and purveyors of all this Discovery Channel/History Channel/Military Channel/National Geographic Channel, etc. SLIME:

It behooves us to consider that the very same "nonfiction" cable-TV channels that keep laying it on thick with "Oswald-the-lone-nut" AND "Osama-toppled-the-towers" pseudo-documentaries, month after month and year after year, are ALSO the channels that keep bombarding viewers with "Ancient Aliens," "UFOs" and "Masonic Symbolism/Ancient Egypt" propaganda -- for hundreds of hours each year.

Esotericists Picknett and Prince nailed this booga-booga intel-agency scam shortly before 9/11 occurred, when they published their covert-op expose' book titled "The Stargate Conspiracy". Outraged as they were to discover that today's spooks have been "co-opting" the ancient gods of Egypt all over the place in the post-Roswell era, the authors warned of still more bizarre deceptions, drenched in occult symbolism (as 9/11 was soon to be) still to come -- from the bowels of Langley, Tavistock, etc.

Could the covert-ops boys' next CGI-powered false flag be a simulated saucer, heading straight for the White House?

Remember Ronnie Ray-gun's "slip of the tongue" about fighting a literal "Star Wars" someday against invading ETs. And long before that curious pontification, General Macarthur was quoted to similar, suspicious effect.

Kinda reminds me of that alleged "Three World Wars" prophecy attributed to a certain, 19th Century general whose Washington D.C. statue gets picketed regularly by the LaRouchies.  (But the Potomac pigeons do a better of job of defiling it with their droppings, IMHO.)

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Comment by Thoth II on November 17, 2013 at 8:01am

good point.  They wouldn't let Fetzer speak on a show like that.

Comment by Andy Tyme on November 17, 2013 at 12:20am

The reason "they" let Groden speak is because he's part of the controlled opposition, Thoth.

Despite the fact Fetzer & Co. have thoroughly discredited the (publicly released) Zap-film as an altered piece of disinfo (omitting the stopping of the limo to assist the assassins' aim) -- ol' Groden has to do the bidding of his masters by defending the faked-up movie, and thus protecting the Secret Service from being directly implicated in the killing.

Comment by Thoth II on November 15, 2013 at 7:38pm

this weekend CNN is airing a ridiculous special supporting the Warren Commission.  Of course it features the usual suspects like Dan Rather.  The best one of the lot this year will be on History channel next weekend, at least they'll let Robert Groden speak, but they knock it down with Vince Bugliosi, etc.

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