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I wanted to share an excerpt from a recent newsletter by Bishop Richard Williamson.  I think this message is very relevant and inspiring for those of us who are pursuing truth about false events.  We are surrounded by lies and falsehoods in every aspect of our lives and it seems that the minds of the masses are now built upon fundamental beliefs in falsehoods. The only way a civilized society with some semblance of justice and order will ever happen is if we find truth and keep on shining the light of that truth wherever we can.  Truth always prevails.


Number DCX (610)      

March 23, 2019

Law-Courts Conclude

”The truth is mighty and will prevail,”
And States that lean on lies will fail.

Excerpt begins


But how can truth thus have been dethroned? Like Almighty God Himself, Truth is either Number One, or it is nothing. God Himself can be Number One only, because He is the Creator infinitely superior to His entire Creation. Truth is Number One only, because if we define it as the matching of mind to reality, then any diminution or contradiction of truth, any preferring of a non-truth to that truth which the non-truth denies, means a corresponding loss of grip of my mind on reality, and therewith a lesser or greater slide of my whole self into fantasy and lies. So it is obvious that in the laws and law-courts of any nation, the truth is of paramount importance. Do not witnesses in a normal law-court swear “to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”?

Here is why great law-givers count as founders of their nations, e.g. Moses of the Israelites, Solon of the Athenians, Lycurgus of the Spartans, because they establish the framework of justice among their people, appointing to each man his due, thus making social relations and societies possible. Even the society of 22 men in a humble game of soccer needs its own administrator of justice, the referee. And he cannot act as referee without the truth. Was that an honest tackle or was it a foul? Now whether in justice it deserved a penalty or not depends on the truth of what actually happened. Thus living in society is possible only with a measure of justice, and justice is only possible with a measure of truth. Blessed is the nation that has law-makers and judges who reward what is truly right and punish what is truly wrong."

(Bishop Williamson is a traditional Catholic priest and Bishop who was excommunicated and is now consecrating other bishops through his own traditional Catholic ministry.  If you read the entire newsletter article of a few days ago, you will see that European courts have judged against him for his expression of his beliefs about the Holocaust narrative.)

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Comment by Jeannon Kralj on March 28, 2019 at 10:23am

The truth is what makes us free, free indeed.

Comment by Shallel Octavia on March 28, 2019 at 10:21am

Thanks, Jeannon. 

The truth hurts, but the lies are killing us.


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