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The Real Jesse Ventura From Jim Kirwan 4-11-11

Finally, some long overdue praise for Jim Fetzer, who has been offering highly reasoned truth for decades,
while teaching so many how to think analytically,
and thanks to Jesse for getting the message out in a massive way!

Jesse Ventura on the Real Deal
with Jim Fetzer:

Jesse Ventura on Coast to Coast
with George Noory:

From Jim Kirwan

The Real Jesse Ventura
Jim, Jesse's real name is Jim Janus. He grew up in my city and one of my business partners worked with him after he got out of the navy. He was a standup guy, honest as the day is long. Always a very hard worker, never a moocher, always worked harder than everybody else. He was a tire buster at an auto store after the navy for a while.
Was always helping fellow employees out, taking them to the gym after working them train in weights, how to get in shape, etc. He wasn't much of a talker, but everyone liked him immensely and respected him. He was a very good mayor of Brooklyn Park and a very good governor also. We all wanted him to run again, but he was not interested, probably because it was such hard work to be an effective "people's governor" and fight the ruling elites and lobbyists all the time, which he did and won often.
While governor, Jesse cut many taxes and made our state govt much more efficient and representtative. If anybody tries to say something bad about Jesse, don't believe it because the man is totally standup and keeps his word and is basically just a very good man. I didn't agree with all his beliefs or decisions, but there was never any surprises and he could not be bought, bribed or compromised in anyway. He did what he thought was best. He truly wanted to do a good job for all the people of Minnesota and he did.  
He made it clear from the start as gov, that high paid lobbyists would get nowhere with him (and they didn't). At his home while gov. he used to have a sign which said "don't worry about the dog" and showed a figure of a man with an M16. If you ever get a chance, read his book, "don't start the revolution without me" and any other subsequent ones he has written. If Jesse had run again for gov, I don't think he could have been beaten. 
Lately he has been exposing all the crimes of the illegal, unconstitutional and unelected shadow govt with his books and appearances and TV show, Conspiracy Theories. Interesting that Jesse when asked what sensitized him to the govt corruption has gone on the record saying that it was the JFK assassination. It is known that he has communicated extensively with Dr. James Fetzer, Professor Emeritus, the foremost expert on the JFK assassination and one who published three scientific summaries of the hard evidence solving the crime. 
His books are: Assassination Science, Murder in Dealey Plaza, and the Great Zapruder Film Hoax. All three books are excellent and highly recommended.  Prof. Fetzer has been a pioneer in exposing the JFK assassination coverup as a govt crime, 911 as another huge govt crime and also the murder of Sen. Wellstone.  Prof. Fetzer has had numerous psyops brought against him to derail him and they have all failed, and he has been attacked because he has been a major catalyst for eliciting the 911 truth movement.  But he, like Jesse, is a completely stand up man that loves the US Constitution and lives by it - another American Hero. 
Jesse has appeared on Prof. Fetzer's show, the Real Deal, and it is likely, that Prof. Fetzer has been an important catalyst in Jesse's understanding of govt RICO crime. Gov. Jesse Ventura is a major American Hero, who loves the Constitution, lives by it and well represented it while Governor and Mayor. He has turned out to be a major blessing for all American Citizens and lovers of truth and is a true national treasure. And he has done a great deal to get the truth out about the crimes of the unelected, illegal, unConstitutional shadow govt. One of his TV shows was censored by homeland security (the one on fema camps) and it is well worth watching if you can find it still on the Internet---you will uinderstand why the govt is so afraid of this show). 

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