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The Twin Towers vs. WTC-7: Different Modes of Destruction

Rosalee Grable has some important links that I wanted to share with everyone:

The Calder in front of Building 7 was an obvious victim of beam weapon damage.
It wilted.

There is somewhere eerie footage taken by some reporter inside Building 7.
One of the signs Judy Wood says to look for is windows who's centers are blown out while
the glass near the edges remains intact. Check!

The mechanisms of destruction may have been different, or a hybrid cocktail of various
modes of destruction.
For sure we know Building 7 left a heck of a lot more debris than the WTC towers combined.
Also, they have been able to rebuild on the land without the foundation beams "rusting
away" and needing to be replaced.
They couldn't put the coming North Tower water feature exactly where the footprint was
because the pipes kept wearing out.

The Pentagon Turn to Dust Event takes on the same sag as Building 7 as it disintegrates.

jfetzer@d.umn.edu wrote:


It is important that these differences not be lost in the discussion about
the Pentagon. I am reposting this because we need to get it straight. The
Twin Towers and WTC-7 were not destroyed using the same causal mechanisms.

My argument:

I am still a huge fan of Judy, but the idea that WTC-7 and the Twin Towers
were brought down by the same mechanism seems to me to be without foundation.
Here's something I wrote in one of my more obscure publications as follows

"This was a nice example of the fallacy of ambiguity, which would have had force, had
the Twin Towers been brought down by a classic controlled demolition. Indeed, they were
taken out by a demolition that was under control, but it was not a "classic" controlled
demolition, which, however, was the case for WTC-7, a 47-story building, which was
brought down at 5:20 PM, about 7 hours after the destruction of the Twin Towers.

"Compare these events by viewing the brief videos, "This is an Orange" and "9/11: The
Towers of Dust", and in less than 5 minutes you will understand the deception. The two
cases were entirely different in modes of destruction:

Buildings: WTC-1 & WTC-2 / WTC-7

Sequence: Top down / Bottom up

Floor motion: Stationary / Falling together

Mechanism: Pulverization / Controlled Demolition

Time/Speed: About 10 secs. / About 6.5 secs.

Equivalent: = free fall / = free fall

Remnants: No pancakes / Pancakes

I like "dustification", of course, and even prefer it to "pulverization" since, as Ace
Baker once pointed out to me, it seems to imply a mechanical process, when what was
involved may have been an electromagnetic (or even nuclear) one, instead. But the most
telling point is the lack of pancakes at the towers. We know from past experience that
controlled demolitions leave a stack of debris about equal to 12% of their original
heights. That was true of the 47-story WTC-7, where 47 x .12 = 5.6, which is a close
approximation. But the towers were reduced to ground level (actually, even below ground
level), when, if they had been destroyed the same way, the residue of 110 x .12 = 13.2.
So I cannot see how it could possibly be that they were destroyed by the same
mechanisms. As an additional argument, compare the photograph I have attached with those
we have of WTC-7. I submit that there is no discernible resemblance between them.


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