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Recently someone forwarded me a pseudo-scholarly piece by a smooth Islamic apologist purporting to prove that I was wrong, wrong, wrong (and therefore evil as well, of course) about Islamic rules of evidence for crimes of zina (adultery, fornication, and other sexual offenses), and claiming that rape victims in the Islamic world are never punished for being raped. The slick liar who penned that piece ought to get 100 lashes instead of "Camille" for his obfuscation and enabling of this kind of torture of women.

An OFW is an Overseas Filipino Worker.

"Gov't urged to aid raped OFW in Saudi," from abs-cbnNEWS.com, January 21 (thanks to Jen):

MANILA, Philippines -An alliance of Filipino migrant organizations on Thursday blamed the government for its alleged inaction on the case of an OFW who was a victim of rape in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

In a press statement, Migrante International said the OFW's family fears that Saudi authorities would soon carry out the 100 lashes penalty before releasing Camille (not her real name).

Camille got pregnant as a result of the rape. However, she lost the baby on her fourth month of pregnancy.

The group learned from Camille's relatives that the OFW had a miscarriage last December 2009 while detained at the Hafer Al Baten jail....

The Filipina was working as a janitress at a dental clinic for about 3 months when she was attacked by a co-worker, a Bangladeshi national only identified as a certain Mr. Mammon, last year.

Out of fear of the suspect, the victim decided to remain silent. She only revealed her ordeal when she found out she was pregnant....

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