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Vancouver Hearings - Evidentiary Submission by Dean Hartwell, JD of Ted and Barbara Olson

Vancouver Hearings–Evidentiary Submission by Dean T. Hartwell, JD 7/7/12

At the Vancouver Hearings, held June 15-17, 2012, judges asked participants to
write an evidentiary submission of at least two persons regarding their participation in the 9/11 plot.

I submit the names of Ted and Barbara Olson based upon the facts as noted and
sourced below.

Name: Theodore (Ted) B. Olson
Title at the Time of 9/11:  Solicitor General, United States

Probable Cause:   
Ted Olson made a number of statements to the public about one of the alleged
flights that he knew were false.  His lies assisted in the shaping of what became
known as the official theory: a number of false and misleading accounts of the
events of September 11, 2001 that cleared the United States of any official
involvement, persuaded the public to react emotionally towards a targeted group of people for blame (i.e. “radical” Muslims) and convinced the world that the United States had justification to start a war with Afghanistan.

Ted Olson’s participation involved interviewing on a number of news shows.  He
made statements about phone calls he claimed to have received on September 11 from his wife, Barbara, whom he said was on board American Airlines flight 77.  
His comments attracted worldwide attention on television and in print.
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Comment by Jeannon Kralj on August 18, 2012 at 3:19pm

Will share some of my reservations but overall your ideas are making more sense to me every day.


I still have to think about the deal negotiating the plotters did with Ted Olson.  I can think of this deal and this negotiating as not really a matter of negotiation at all.  Barbara and Ted may have been given an offer they couldn't refuse.  Not sure Ted was concerned that Barbara be allowed to live and go away and establish a new identity.  Again, there is another take on this entirely that deserves thought.  If they were being extorted to play their roles or  be killed, no assurances that Barbara would be allowed to live (or any other kinds of assurances) would have made sense to either of these attorneys.  They both would have known that you can't make deals with the devil.  It maybe was not at all about negotiations, assurances or true choices on the part of either Barbara or Ted.  An "agreement" to be silent on Barbara's part and thus her complicity in the plot that was needed are questionable ideas to me.  There may have been no free will agreements or free will to comply at all.

Barbara and Ted were rare unique characters absolutely perfectly suited to the plot being constructed.  She was a well know TV personality and a young pretty and  smart blond.  Extra empathy and sympathy for precious little stars as she would capture the hearts of all Fox News watching American "Christians" and "true patriots".  He was Solicitor General and we all know what paragons of integrity and virtue  all of our top U S officials are.

They may not have been able to find anywhere else such strong candidates to play these crucial roles.  They both strongly reinforced public's acceptance of the official story shortly after the event, and her personna was a strong block against any possible silly ideas by 9-11 truthers that maybe there were no planes and therefore no passengers.


Here is a site with some interesting info about Barbara.  Confirms my earlier statement that she had been separated from Ted before 9-11.  She is said to have lived separately at some remote island in Lake Michigan.  What I find interesting, an idea that would be hard to corroborate, is that Barbara had the kind of personality that would make her open to being a part of this scheme.  There are some video clips on this side said to support this description of her personality as being a "femme fatalle" type.

"Evidence that she [Barbara] was a risk-taker, femme fatale who was capable of faking her own death for a cause she thought worthy; would welcome the mata hari excitement (re: former law professor's comments), was likely stuck in opressive marriage with deadbeat Ted much older (15+ years) than her, femme fatales Monica Lewinsky and Chandra Levy might have been inspiration for Barbara Olson to take-on similar but hopefully happier ending role."


I do not know.  I keep coming back to the idea that both of them were smart enough to know they were not being offered anything.  Also, I am still unclear what Ted Olson thought he might personally gain from this "deal."    (And here is one more far-out idea to consider.  Barbara was Ted's third wife.  No children with any of the marriages.  Barbara separated from Ted, not sure how long before 9-11.  These facts together with the fact that post 9-11 Ted took up a completely new life in California as a vocal supporter of same sex marriage, something high ranking Republican officials of the time were not keen on.  Maybe Ted was found by his three wives to be not interested in the conjugal relationship and maybe that is why all three marriages failed.)

I guess I am just free associating here, but I think we still have free speech here so those are some of my ideas that make me not wholly accept, yet anyway, your scenario as being "most likely."





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