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Wayne Madsen Reports: Sweden used by CIA/Pentagon to launder Wikileaks releases


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Comment by James H. Fetzer on January 6, 2011 at 8:10pm
Your concerns are all well-founded, Thoth II. I have no doubt.  You are on the right track--across the board!
Comment by Thoth II on January 6, 2011 at 8:01pm
I am getting increasingly concerned. The internet has had a decade-long "free ride", starting with us"CTers" (you know I detest that term) communicating during that decade since 911. This has made a major stride toward public understanding ofworld events, and since the young are bloggers, it is helping to put the rightconcepts into the minds of youngsters. All this is good.
However, just likehistory goes down, I am afraid the media will also go down a similar road: the media empire is now retrenched and is striking back on at least two fronts:one, this possible and maybe likely govt. control over internet sites (like this one); and two, the traditional cable outlets like history channel and the new "alternative media" like HuffPost, are being used to obfuscate history in the young generation's minds. I believe that this propoganda isgetting increasingly slick and sly and might very well win out over the truth being discussed on sites like this. I have been noticing recent shows, not just the relatively crude Gary Mack productions, but other newer, younger shows on history, TLC, etc. I believe the dark side is hiring the finest minds in thepropoganda biz to do this stuff, and it is getting clever. Old Alex Jones is right when he coined the phrase "infowars", that is what it is all about.

And related to this, I believe that this "skeptic" movement is a massive effort to obfuscate history primarily among the young, and is being lead by Michael Shermer and Phil Plaitt. I am very very suspicious of this movement and who is funding it; I smell a rat just like I did when Gary Mack was hired in his current post. By the way, from a method of science viewpoint, I do not believe that "skepticism" is a established scientific technique like IBE , and is being used as a cover for this obfuscation effort.
Comment by James H. Fetzer on December 30, 2010 at 10:14am
I quite agree. They can do it by using a rifle rather than a shotgun to take out the most important sites they don't like on flimsy and contrived grounds.  WMR might be a prime target along with 9/11 and JFK research sites.  I can't see them passing up this opportunity, especially when some (apparent) shills like Joe Lieberman and Dianne Feinstein are suggesting moving in that direction.  Trying to shut down the net would provoke massive response.
Comment by Thoth II on December 30, 2010 at 8:38am
Madsen's hypothesis that this incident is an opening for govt. controls on the internet has to be taken seriously.  The shadow govt. is aggressively at work on their "problem" of controlling the world's population, and I don't for one second think they are going to leave a base uncovered as big as the internet.  Since so much information and commerce is on the internet nowdays, this will be a monumental task for them.  But they can probably figure clever ways around this, and probably have started with this incident.  Look at how very cleverly and effectively they've succeeded in launching this "war on terror".  a war on the internet isn't beyond imagination.
Comment by James H. Fetzer on December 30, 2010 at 2:28am
December 29-30, 2010 --

Sweden co-opted by CIA/Pentagon to launder
Wikileaks cables

WMR has learned from a
long-time Republican Party consultant that the CIA used
Sweden to launder the transfer to Wikileaks of carefully
screened and redacted State Department cables and the
subsequent release of the cables to pre-selected corporate
news media entities. Sweden was chosen because of its
so-called "press freedom and freedom of
expression" traditions in an effort to make the release
of the cables by Wikileaks appear to be unconnected to a
covert CIA and Pentagon psychological operations program
designed to place further controls on the Internet.

The Wikileaks operation was conducted with the help of two
leading Swedish political leaders, both of whim have
maintained a long association with the CIA and associated
  government entities. One of the conspirators is Swedish
Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt who was discovered in high
school in Sweden by U.S. Republican Party operative Karl
Rove. Rove, a former executive director of the College
Republicans, was, in the early 1980s, a GOP campaign
consultant who also began conducting overseas operations for
the International Republican Institute (IRI) after its
founding in 1983 as an overseas outreach branch of the
Republicans --thanks to funding from the CIA-connected US
Agency for International Development (USAID) and the
National Endowment for Democracy, as well as the State

In 1983, the same year the IRI was founded, Reinfeldt
joined the Moderate Youth League, the youth wing of the
Swedish Moderate Party, with Rove's encouragement. Just
as Rove had used political chicanery in 1973 to defeat two
opponents --Robert Edgeworth and Terry Dolan -- to be
elected chairman of the College Republicans,
  Reinfeldt ousted Moderate Youth League chairman Ulf
Kristersson at the league's convention in Lycksele in
1992. Reinfeldt, the leader of conservative insurgents,
garnered 58 votes to 55 for Kristersson, who represented the
party's libertarian wing.

After the defeat of the Moderate Party government of Prime
Minister Carl Bildt in 1994, Reinfeldt, in Rovian fashion,
began to criticize the party leader. Reinfeldlt was also a
strong critic of the modern Swedish welfare state. In 2003,
Reinfeldt became Moderate Party leader and in 2006 his
right-of-center coalition defeated the Social Democrats
making Reinfeldt the Prime Minister.

One of Reinfeldt's closest advisers is Moderate Party
member of parliament and avid anti-communist Council of
Europe parliamentary official Goran Lindblad. Lindblad has
been fond of offering political asylum and sanctuary in
Sweden to dissidents, but not just any dissidents, only
those that support an agenda in
  concert with the agenda pushed by the likes of Freedom
House of New York and George Soros's Open Society
Institute, neo-con contrivances that oppose any form of
communism, whether in China or Cuba, or any left-wing
socialist governments for that matter -- the very same
agenda promoted by Wikileaks.

Although it is not certain that Lindblad hekpoed lay the
groundwork for the invitation to Wikileaks's founder
Julian Assange to move his operations -- and his quarter
million State Department cable cache -- to Sweden, there is
yet another connection between a Swedish politician involved
in the Assange criminal investigation for sex crimes in
Sweden and the CIA.

Assange's legal representation in Sweden in being
handled by the law firm Borgström & Bodstrom. The Bodstrom on the law
office shingle hanging in Stockholm is Thomas Bodstrom, the
Swedish Justice Minister from 2000 to 2006 in the Social
Democratic government
  of Prime Minister Goran Persson. From 2006 to October
2010, Bodstrom was chairman of the Swedish parliament's
Justice committee. After losing his chairmanship, Bodstrom
moved in  November 2010, along with his family, to
northern Virginia -- just as the Wikileaks "story"
unfolded. The Social Democrats refused to grant Bodstrom a
leave of absence while maintaining his parliamentary seat.
Bodstrom resigned his seat. WMR has learned from the
Republican Party source that Bodstrom, upset over the
decision of the Social Democrats, is now in negotiations
with Reinfeldt and the Moderates to switch parties. And, we
have learned, the CIA is quietly grooming Bodstrom, a former
Swedish soccer star, to be a future Prime Minister of Sweden
for the conservative Moderate Party.

Bodstrom's colleague in the Persson cabinet was Par
Nuder, the Minister of Finance, who also spent a large part
of his youth in Israel. At the same time the Bodstrom family
moved to
  Virginia, Nuder joined the consultant-lobbying firm of
former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Albright
Stonebridge Group, which she heads along with former Clinton
national secxyurity adviser Sandy Berger and former Senator
Warren Rudman (R-NH). Another executive at Albright
Stonebridge is former Bill Clinton foreign policy adviser
Wendy Sherman, who also serves on the Defense Policy Board
under Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

Bodstrom is also an author of legal thriller novels and he
has been called the "John Grisham of Sweden."

Bodstrom's father is Lennart Bodstrom, the Foreign
Minister in the Social Democratic government of Prime
Minister Olof Palme from 1982 to 1985. The elder Bodstrom
was criticized for not heeding warnings that Soviet
submarines were operating in Swedish waters and he survived
a rare no-confidence motion against him in the parliament.
However, WMR has learned that it was the CIA, which had
arranged for
  U.S.-supplied Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS) technology
to be transferred to neutral Sweden and Langley did not want
details of the system's capabilities to be tipped off to
the Soviets. Lennart Bodstrom's ploy was to suppress the
story of Soviet submarine activity to protect CIA and
Swedish intelligence "sources and methods." WMR
has learned that Lennart Bodstrom's policy of
non-engagement on Soviet submarines in Swedish waters was
the result of a personal request by then-Vice President
George H. W. Bush.

Bodstrom's law partner is Claes Borgstrom, Sweden's
former Equal Opportunities Ombudsman and an avid, some would
call it extremist, supporter of feminist causes. Borgstrom
has been representing the two women who have accused Assange
of sex crimes while he was in Sweden. One of the women, Anna
Ardin, described as a "Christian feminist" has
apparently left the country for the Palestinian West Bank
and there are reports that she is no longer
  cooperating with the Swedish deputy prosecutor for
Gothenburg, Marianne Ny. WMR has also learned that Bodstrom
has had a close relationship with Ny.

The other woman who charged Assange is Sofia Wilen. It has
been charged by some in Sweden that both women accusers were
part of a carefully-arranged plot to bring sex charges
against Assange in order to discontinue the Wikileaks
Swedish asylum operation after the ultimate purpose was
served: a major international news event designed to provide
support for an increase by governments around the world,
including Sweden, the United Kingdom -- where Assange is now
free on restricted bail -- and the United States, to place
draconian curbs on the Internet.

The ties that link the Wikielaks affair to a
U.S. intelligence operation

One of Bodstrom's publishing outlets is owned by the
Bonnier AB of Sweden, owned by the German-Jewish-descent
family that also owns the Swedish
tabloid Expressen and Dagens
Nyheter, the largest Swedish morning daily paper.
The Bonniers are Sweden's wealthiest family. Bonnier
Magazine Group owns Popular
Science, Field &
Stream, Yachting, Parenting,
and other magazines in the United States.

In 2009, the Bonnier papers criticized Donald Bostrom for
his article in the Social Democratic-owned
paper Aftonbladet that charged Israel
with harvesting the organs of Palestinians killed by the
Israel Defense Force. The Swedish ambassador to Israel,
Elisabet Borsiin Bonnier, broke with her own
  government and criticized
the Aftonbladet article. Of course, the
ambassador is a member of the family that
owns Aftonbladet'scompetitors.
Bostrom's article, that was condemned for being
"anti-Semitic," was later proven to be right on
the mark with the arrest of Israeli and Jewish human organ
traffickers in the United States and elsewhere and the
exposure of Israeli-connected trafficking rings in Kosovo,
Moldova, and other countries.

Details of the Assange investigation were leaked to
Bonnier-owned Expressenand it is no
coincidence that Borgstrom's two sisters, Annette
Kullenberg and Kerstin Vinterhed, work for papers owned by Bonnier AB. Bonnier
director Jeanette Bonnier began as a reporter
forExpressen, which received the inside information
on the Assange "rape" case. Ironically, Jeanette
Bonnier co-wrote the screenplay for the film Män
kan inte
  våldtas ("Men Can't be Raped.").
Under Swedish media policies, the Swedish government
provides financial subsidies to Bonnier AB and other Swedish

WMR has also learned that Assange and some of his Wikileaks
team of ex-computer hackers had been hired as consultants by
the Pentagon to stop Chinese hacking into Defense Department
computer systems. During this operation, Wikileaks personnel
had direct access to the State Department cables.
WMR has learned that it was a cell within the U.S.
government that downloaded and copied the cables for the
operation that would be used as an excuse to place
restrictive and overarching government controls on the

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