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WEBSITE TITLED: "Israel did 9/11, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD!!" Now, is it true?

There appears to be a mass of evidence that indicates Israeli complicity in 9/11. It
would be excellent if some of you were to undertake the verification of some of the
claims that are made here. I have discussed some of them before in "9/11 and the
Neo-Con Agenda" and in "Is 9/11 research 'anit-Semitic'?", which you can google.
Copies of the first with supporting links may be found archived at 911scholars.org.
This, of course, is an area of 9/11 research that Michael Morrissey has protested.


The most difficult part of scientific research is coming up with alternative possible
explanations of the phenomena. I doubt that all of this is true, but I also have no
doubt that a lot of it is true. The "Dancing Israelis" evidence is a case in point. I
would be gratified for any research that tends to substantiate the claims that are
made here. Stuff about security at the WTC involving Kroll is very important, but
so too are many of the other allegations. Further documentation would be welcome.

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