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What Were the Names of The World Trade Center Victims?


A recent inquiry by a member of Congress has raised a question about the authenticity of the official records of the names of those who died at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.


The inquiry showed that few of those alleged to have died at the WTC were on the Death Master File.



This finding coincides with earlier research by Vince Sammartino and others which has established that barely more than twenty percent of the names of those on the flight manifests are on the Social Security Death Index, which is generated from the Death Master File.


The SSDI boasts an 83 percent accuracy rate. The Death Master File, as the source of the SSDI’s information, should, by logic, have a similar rate.

So, if the names on the WTC victims list are legitimate, why is there such a discrepancy between that list and the indexes?


Officials gave one answer in a recent article: the victims from the WTC were typically not found as dead bodies but rather identified through DNA and other means. Because of this, mortuaries, which usually send the names of the deceased to Social Security, were not notified.



But it should be noted that the identities of all of the alleged plane crash victims were reportedly discovered in a similar manner. And, as noted, the SSDI shows over twenty percent of these names.


The Social Security’s web site states that they do not re-assign numbers that the deceased had used. So, lists such as the Social Security Death Index tell us not just the names of the dead, but also which Social Security numbers will no longer be active.



This is why, for example, a person who dies and leaves Social Security benefits to another person in that number is not included in SSDI. Typically, this group of people includes those with surviving spouses at retirement age or with children who have handicaps.

The failure of the Death Master File to include many of the official victims of the World Trade Center attacks suggests a hoax has been perpetuated on us and is highly significant in our quest to discover the truth about the day's events.

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