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At 7:14am on August 22, 2012, James H. Fetzer said…
Sandy, I think you just did! Thanks for your excellent work.
Keep me posted on your views about how things are going.
I have great confidence in you and Shallel. Many thanks!
At 6:06pm on August 21, 2012, Jeannon Kralj said…

Great to hear from you Sandy.  I saved your address.  Not sure I know how to delete part of your comment so hope you can do that.  I'll email you and give you my email address that way.

Hope the drought did not mess up your agricultural efforts this year and that you will have a decent harvent.

I will look in to what you think is the whatzit.  Sounds interesting.  I can't seem to click on a ning video here and even some still photos posted without crashing out of my lousy Internet Explorer browser but will try.

Take care


At 5:20pm on August 2, 2012, Jeannon Kralj said…

CORRECTION 2 -- oh, forget it.  my entire first post did not even post anyway.

At 5:13pm on August 2, 2012, Jeannon Kralj said…

Correction, my entire last post here was referring to the NORTH WTC Tower.

At 12:50pm on August 2, 2012, Shallel Octavia said…

Here's what I said...

Reality is being manufactured is so many ways, in such quantity, I fear I cannot discern the truth at all anymore.

We really must get all the way back to basics and start with the Laws of Physics. I can only say with certainty that if an action is in violation of these Laws that there are two possibilities, 1) that action is falsified, or 2) these Laws of Physics are wrong or incomplete. 

We are being fed lies from all sides, and cannot trust any picture, video, or person. No-one is exempt from scrutiny. Anyone who is a blind follower WILL most certainly be deceived to the point of being a agent of deception themselves.

This was in reply to Jim's post,

"Even more lunatic ravings from Judy Wood and her band of trolls . . ."

I was emphasizing the importance of discernment, and pointing out how most people follow the leader and do not think for themselves, opening them up for deception. I know you think for yourself, so this does not apply to you. You have been nothing but trustworthy, and a very good friend. Maybe I have not been, and I am sorry, but ask yourself why in the world would I intend to hurt you? I may be having a hard time weeding through the muck of all these brainwashed followers, but I never though you would let silly details of who helps Jim manage the site when he is busy come between us. We are on the same team. I value and enjoy our correspondence. Can we get past this?



At 1:43pm on April 23, 2012, Jeannon Kralj said…



Glad to learn I was not the only one offended by "Morgie's" behavior.  I do not know but I imagine he kind of dropped out of the group soon after joining.  I only read his first response to Chuck Boldwyn and was appalled at some of the things he wrote.  He called Chuck or maybe his ideas ass...something -- can't remember the full word.  I have never seen that way of communicating anywhere on this forum.  That was a first.


Then he lit in to me and my welcome note to him.  I read about the first paragraph and was appalled again.  His tone was I am a Ph.d. economist so only I can comment on finance / capital issues and that I was way out of my depth in telling about corporate raider Romney.  He told me I should stick to 9-11.


I managed to jot off a response and told him off as best I could without losing my composure.  I dropped out of the forum at that point and never read anything else ont he forum though I am still a member.

Dr. Morgan has done the best work up until recently with Dr. Fetzer and his co-authors' work on the no-planes issue.  But Dr. Morgan seems to just parrot whatever Judy Wood says on aspects of 9-11 WTC causes.  For example, he says the rubble pile of Bldg. 7 is really just mud, which is what Wood says but never bothers to support.  I have seen several pictures of the WTC 7 rubble pile and it does not look like mud - it looks like the aftermath of a regular controlled demolition.   I have seen firemen spraying lots of water on the rubble pile and the pile itself looks quite a bit like broken up "pancakes."


Those dachsie pictures are not my pups.  Wish they were.  I just found a cute picture to use as my avatar since I am a big dachshund lover, though I do not even own a dog right now.


What with the draught last summer and my failed tomato experiment, I am just growing two tomato plants in pots this year and am not going exert much effort with them.

Good luck with your garden.  It sounds like it will be really great.







At 11:04am on April 20, 2012, Jeannon Kralj said…

Hi Sandy,


I became quite vexed ( P  O 'd) with Dr. Morgan Reynolds' first couple on comments when he joined the forum.  He is a person I always admired so I was disappointed in his agressive, name calling, style.


You are kind to inquire of me.  I would say you too are an important part of the right kind of tone to this forum.

We are watching the total meltdown of our country. 


I think it is wonderful that you are involved in farming and growing and did not know that before.  I do not know but I kind of have the idea that you live in one of the great midwest states like maybe Missouri or Tennessee or Kentucky that have the great soil for farming.

I have always loved growing things and was always amazed at the great soil and vegetables my grandparents near Sallisaw Oklahoma were able to grow.  I live in central Texas and the soil is horrible, mainly rocks.  It is so difficult and labor intensive to grow vegetables here.  I tried valliantly last year to grow some tomatoes and used the non-hybrid heirloom seeds and all.  I almost ruined (further) my back babying those tomato plants.  Would you believe in October, I finally saw some good sized green tomatoes and was hoping for them to turn red.  Well, there was a light freeze one night and all my greed tomatoes were ruined. 


Take care and God bless you.





At 7:35pm on March 8, 2012, William J. WAGENER said…

Yeah,  very interesting.  Eventually, it will be found that a agent for E. Rothschild

was behind the 911 set up.  O. Bin Laden, a fall guy, was not any part of it.  Even Bush the puppet did NOT know who exactly was behind it.   I have not said much, for a reason, and if I live long enough to finish my research and publish a book... it will be clear to all then.

At 11:10am on February 20, 2012, Jeff said…

Oh, that's a nuclear detonation, not an edible mushroom. :)

At 11:09am on February 20, 2012, Jeff said…

Jim recently invited me to speak in Vancouver. I don't think I'll accept. Personal reasons. But Jim and others have produced volumes of respectable work and numerous valid questions. I'm pleased to be able to post here.

At 10:26am on February 20, 2012, Jeff said…

I won't be a stranger. I've studied this event as much as anyone else and have published almost a dozen books analyzing the data. From a forensic financial investigation to a physics and chemistry analysis of the USGS dust samples. I joined specifically to provide some new data, or at least some data that's not been discussed in public.


At 8:29am on December 6, 2011, Mel Thoresen said…

Sandy Rose,

Thank you! Glad to be aboard, I am looking forward to the connection and all I can learn and maybe contribute. I see your picture has a large excavator in it are you a heavy equipment  operator? I am a retired operator.  

At 6:05pm on November 19, 2011, Dean said…

Hi Sandy,


I am doing well, thanks!  I feel good having published what I have about planes and passengers!  It is my contribution to the dialogue about 9/11.  I give readers a new way to see the errors of the official theory by presenting them with a new story.  The interview with Killtown is really good because he has so much insight!


Take care,


At 12:48pm on November 11, 2011, Gina Judd said…

Love the Vietnam protest pictures.  Those are cool.  All your pictures are good.

At 2:16pm on November 04, 2011, Gina Judd gave sandy rose a gift
At 3:45pm on November 3, 2011, Gina Judd said…
Thank you Sandy, yes that's me. I'm glad to be here.  This seems like a place where people are serious about finding relevant facts.
At 2:19am on November 1, 2011, Gina Judd said…
Hi I just joined.
At 6:45pm on October 12, 2011, Shallel Octavia said…
Hello Sandy & all -


My Big Head is, of course, an example of video fakery. With free software called Camtwist: http://camtwist.com/ I can live video chat or vlog with increased cranial volume. I think I might feel a slight increase in knowledge, but this might be a VPE (Video Placebo Effect) similar to the way people interpret the video fakery of the "Second Plane" to suggest the "knowledge" of an actual plane crash.

I am far from the average human in many ways, not to say better, but I have come far, from a planet called Lesser Ur-Arc-Tania, the eleventh planet of Arcturus. My people long ago learned to ride the Interdimensional Portal System of the Zuvuya. 

We do not know who created the Portal System, but learned to use it. This attracted the attention of the Galactic Federation, who tasked us to travel to a far off area of the Galaxy, The Velatropa Region, where there had been strange goings on told of, including disappearance of IS-BEs (Immortal Spiritual Beings). Thus  was borne the Arcturus Probe:http://108.tribe.net/thread/5dad7552-49d8-43ab-8f8c-e6113acb1934

This is how I came to be on the Earth, my people having emerged at various space-time coordinates, some planting the seeds of the Mayan Culture, some of us stragglers landing in this very late time period where the soul-ution (liberation) of IS-BEs is so very close at hand. 

A period of most accelerated evolution is occurring, with the events coming fast and furious, 'till the completion of the 16.4 billion year evolutionary plan, 13 Ahau, or October 28th. :  http://www.calleman.com/ 

Soon after that, on my birthday, naturally, 11/11/11, the Portals will open and bathe the Earth and her inhabitants with expanded frequency of light and love, and allow the Ascension of the Multidimensional Self of those who so choose. 

The “cleaning up” of the dark’s ones errors is nearly complete and will be finished in time for the myriad Portal openings on 11.11.11. Handcuffs will not be needed. 

There will be no fear, and great jubilation as the wars will be over and the reunions will be frabjous! 


Awaken within the Dream! 


State-of-Ascension-Report-Exclusive!!! Urgent News!!! Sue's Brand-New Message From the Arcturians: The Dark Ones Are Defeated. Ascension Next Month. 

Special Report, October 12, 2011:


Peace and Blessings,


Shallel*Octavia Sananda, of the One.

At 12:20pm on October 12, 2011,
 sandy rosesandy rose said…

Mr. Octavia, your head is larger than ours.  what am i to

deduce from that?   do you know more than the average yuman?

(that wouldn't be saying too much...heh heh...)   

      i am not messing around.  there is much to be done.  wait,

what do we do next?  any suggies?

      hey, i know!    maybe this group should do something as a

group.   hmmm.   got any handcuffs handy?



       glad we are all still more or less sane and together.

let it be that we may find comfort in knowing there are others like us.  lovies!@!


At 2:44am on October 2, 2011, Just David said…
Thanks for the friend request.  I'm still figuring out the best way to make "my contribution".  It will probably be a few days before I visit this site again, having gotten caught up in the Occupy Wall Street thing, which seems to be aimed at gaining freedom from the same enemy.  Will the public cast off illusion when they find out for certain that 9/11 was scripted, or will they respond to the similar and related truth that the current financial "crisis" is part of the same manipulation?  Ultimately, whatever persuades the shift in mass opinion is good enough, as long as the shift is toward truth.
At 12:58pm on September 26, 2011, Just David said…

Hello, Sandy.  Thank you for the warm welcome.  I've noticed that you have made it your business to screen this network for disinformers and deadweight.  I hope you'll consider me neither.  To make your task easier, I'll let you know some stuff about myself.  I am a full-time father of three girls.  I have no connections or expertise regarding the events of 9/11, and therefore expect to maintain a fairly silent presence here.  As a brown man, I experienced the cultural shift of the last decade in a very painful way, moving suddenly from Missouri to California with no job prospects lined up.  I have a profound interest in empowering my children to recognize the currents and crosscurrents in public discourse.  I believe informed democracy might just be a valid system if the information contains a high enough proportion of truth.  I came to understand much of the 9/11/01 story by way of the Architect/Engineer group.  Currently, I'm more interested in the who and why than the how.  This network has the best discussion I have found on the Zionist connection, and is also an interesting place to study currently employed infojamming strategies.  I hope I can find a niche that allows me to be of use in disseminating the truth that so many have worked so hard to reveal.  Perhaps you could suggest members or threads that I would find of interest.

Peace, Just

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