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At 8:33pm on September 24, 2011, Dennis Cimino said…

Hi Sandy,

have you ever read any of Gerard Holmgren's work?  he had done extensive research and found that large numbers of the passengers on these planes were people who had died years earlier and their identities stolen and re-used by the government.  People have tried to debunk his work but so far it still holds up to the litmus test.  Also, the grand death toll has been significantly padded upwards, as the Twin Towers had gotten pretty evacuated and in fact had not fully filled up when the attacks on them by the mossad had begun.  In today's world it's easy to find a photo of a face, stick a name on it from any number of people in the SSDI database, and then call it 'live' or 'victim' and get away with that.  The Dept of DE FENS did the alleged identification of the dead for all of these casualties, and

of course are highly suspected of fraud at every turn because nothing DoD has said to us so far about the day has been remotely close to TRUTH or REALITY.  Anyway, I wanted to jump in and thank you for welcoming me aboard.  I hope we can relight the fires here and get this ship underway again.  Jeannon said he felt it had pretty much 'died' and of course, he's probably pretty correct.


Speaking to Tina thru this post, a few years ago I had an alleged friend of one of the air passengers write an e-mail to me saying she was offended that I had been citing Holmgren's information online, and best I could say to her was that without personal knowledge of each and every casualty, they were all suspected or not confirmed.  As you might imagine those who actually did have family members who knew they died, also suspected that the government was padding the death toll upwards on purpose.  Not that real dead bodies weren't recovered at the WTC, which they absolutely were, but so far we have airplanes with ZERO of the hijackers on the manifests, ten years out.  How can this be?  It's about as ludicrous as one of the hijackers 'passports' being found on the street in NYC that day, when the guy was on a domestic flight and truly didn't need to be carrying that with him in the first place.  I know I wouldn't be toting mine on a domestic flight, for fear of it being pilfered or lost in luggage that gets stolen by baggage handlers.


anyway, glad you are going thru the roster and looking for dead wood.  Maybe it will compel the forum members to talk again.  Who knows? 



d. cimino


At 4:03pm on September 24, 2011, Dennis Cimino said…

in addition, if you haven't downloaded and read; "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" you might want to do that.  Then you'll understand why Amy Goodblow and Jon Liebowitz (Stewart) and Noam Chumpsky as well as a whole list of other 9/11 gatekeepers and deniers, are the way they are.  They don't deflect blame about Israeli involvement in the mass murders of that day as a pet project, they do it because they are loyal always to Israel (not Judaism, that's a different gig altogether which most of them don't actually practice anyway).  That's why Gage is the protector of Israel, and to some extent, theologians like David Ray Griffin who are dyed in the wool christianity believers, are happy to set up Israel per the Book of Revelations, which means; "If Israel doesn't fall exactly on cue to enable Armageddon to happen..we must protect it until the proper moment in time comes.." kind of crap.  I'm 'atheist' and ditched religion a long long time ago, having figured it out that it was a control game more than anything else.  'ZEITGEIST' (the original version) is an exemplary video to watch and get a handle on that aspect of what these organized religions are.  The only one that seems benevolent is the one called Pastafarianism, or Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  Anyway, these guys who protect Israel at all costs are no more jewish than you or I are, truly, and zionism doesn't arbitrarily equate to 'jew' strictly because most zionists are in the 97 or so percentile of the alleged world's 'jewish' population who have adopted the religion but were never ever blood descendants of sephardic jews in any way.  Another good piece of work to download is called; "The Thirteenth Tribe" by Koestler, who with his wife, was murdered by mossad agents for publishing this work many years ago.  It proves these guys are Khazarians strictly, wholly non-sephardic, and with no more claims to Palestine than the average person of native american heritage is.  Adopting a religion and then laying claim to turf over that adopted religion as most of these non-sephardic khazarian gypsies have done, is on it's face 'fraud' and it goes to another term called 'absurd' if you take it that far.  This is what these guys who protect Israel are.


Cass Sunstein, another khazarian 'fake' jew is the same thing, as are to the last man, the signatories to the P.N.A.C. manifesto of global domination by use of military prowess and strength.  I wonder if any of those assholes ever read what happened to the Roman Empire?  Maybe their ultimate plan, per the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, is to destroy everything per those protocols and reduce the world to a zionist controlled charnel house of pepetual war and war profiteering by their masters, the Bauer/Rothschilds clan from Frankfurt?  Anyway, take a look at those two documents, the PROTOCOLS and THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE and then you'll have a much more comprehensive handle on who and what we are all dealing with here.  It's a death cult.

At 2:41pm on September 24, 2011, Dennis Cimino said…
I am pretty sure Gage and company are fully a COIN OP.  Most of the community has turned into that now...as per my two hour interview on radiofetzer.blogspot dot com has up as a podcast.  I had to ask Gage no less than '3' times and finally had to threaten him with a lawsuit to get my name off that petition and advise all 535 members of Congress and Senate who he sent that to, that I had been removed and for what reason.  These guys fool even the more seasoned ones amongst us, but once they show they are just another slick disinformation pipeline, it's okay to toss them to the curb as shills that they are.  Not that this is universally true but Gage is a yarmulke wearer, (khazar) and that puts him in the 97 percent of the other non-sephardic frauds who will use their allegiance to protect Israel at all costs, wherever they can.  A fellow truth person informed me that Gage and Griffin both had told him to keep Israel out of the 9/11 discussion. For what?  They were in the driver's seat.  Anyway, my take is that the organizations are mostly co-opted now and run by zionists in the Cass Sunstein gang of O'faggot's shadow CIA cabinet, which is the same as mossad in all respects because it IS THE MOSSAD.  Anyway, I got long in the writing here but in my professional opinion, Gage and Ryan are both COINTELPRO.  Just like Frank Legge and Warren Stutts are.  And perhaps now David Ray Griffin for his support of the Official bullshit story at the Pentagon.
At 8:38pm on September 21, 2011, Rosalee Grable said…

The Gawdfarking United (spit) Nations is in town.

A 20 minute bus ride just took an hour and a half cos half the farking city is a "Frozen Zone" as soon as one of 100 plus bigwig poobahs decides to take a spin in his motorcade.

More police than pigeons on the street.

Garbage trucks blocking streets, like somebody is gonna bring a tank through.

A tank would be gridlocked like the rest of us. No threat.

I hear Monday was even worse. Farking Obummer came to town, and a watermain blew and flooded 4 subway lines out of action. Fortunately I stayed home.


At 12:02pm on September 21, 2011, Shallel Octavia said…
I can't believe we weren't friended yet. You rock!
At 9:21am on May 24, 2011, Lonnie Star said…
Hi,  thanks for the add.
At 9:05am on November 6, 2010, Thoth II said…

I doubt any investigative agency will do anything with Don's info., but he is added to a long list of JFK whistleblowers , so it is a step forward.
At 8:49am on November 6, 2010, James H. Fetzer said…
JFK was hit at least four times: by a shot to the throat (which passes through the windshield), in the back (about 5 1/2 inches below the collar), and twice in the head (from behind and from in front). For more, go to http://www.und.edu/org/jfkconference/ and download Chapter 30. You can also google "JFK and RFK: The Plots that Killed Them, The Patsies that Didn't", and "RFK: Outing the CIA at the Ambassador", where many other recent articles are linked to "The Latest on JFK" on http://assassinationscience.com.
At 4:23pm on November 2, 2010, Thoth II said…

yes I saw the clip about Don Adams. It is so apparent that he was on to Milteer and his bosses stopped him from investigating what Milteer knew after the assasination, plus stuff about him disappeared from the Archives. I think Hoover ordered a coverup of Milteer and others. Milteer was one of those in the know, and had foreknowledge of the assasination, so he knew others involved . One by one, Hoover covered this whole thing up. If he had let his agents like Don, Sibert and O'Neill, and another agent covering Oswald, so much information could have been exposed.
At 10:16am on November 2, 2010, Dean said…
Hi Sandy,

Thanks! I will look for it! What media center was it based in (Cleveland?)

Things have been good. One of my co-workers stopped me yesterday and asked if I was the "guy who wrote about JFK"! I guess I have a little niche around here!

Take care!
At 10:14am on November 2, 2010, James H. Fetzer said…
Sandy, There's a lot on JFK on http://assassinationscience.com. And you can visit this link and download Chapter 30 as a pdf, which will give you an overview about his death:
http://www.und.edu/instruct/jfkconference/ I also co-edit assassinationresearch.com with John P. Costella, who has a marvelous tutorial about the recreation of the Zapruder film at http://www.assassinationscience.com/johncostella/jfk/intro/ , which will blow you away.
At 4:52pm on November 1, 2010, James H. Fetzer said…
Sandy, I have interviewed him twice on "The Real Deal". He had concluded--based on personal knowledge of information available to the FBI in Dallas while he was stationed there--that Oswald was not even a shooter. I think you will like what he has to say. Be sure to catch it. Post a summary, if you have the chance. Best!
At 9:20am on September 29, 2010, James H. Fetzer said…
Sandy, There is no restriction on sending messages to other members. Be my guest!
At 9:09pm on September 23, 2010, Chuck Boldwyn said…
Hello Sandy,

I saw your posted note and wish to reply.
My China trip was most enlighening about Communism and Capitalism, in person, evaluating for comparisons sake with American and how it has become more of a Police State, a very dumbed down one at that, due to our corrupted and criminal mass media, mainly run by Zionist factions that support Israel's Agendas.
I am back at researching the Twin Towers steel thickness and mass & relative or % weights properties and showing and explaining my data in a power point graphic.
I may being my 3rd show with Jim Fetzer this Monday of my work and on the Coast to Coast Show or recent occurance.

I am attaching some pics from by wife's family in China.


At 6:01pm on September 18, 2010, bill smith said…
I didn't know they were witholding surveillance video from the WTC. But if they are that would only help the no-planes theory along by making it look like they are trying to hide something.
I'm not all that certain that the Pentagon was not a honeypot to attract and create conspiracy theories, Don't forget that the perps needed a typical '9/11 conspiracy theorist' template as quickly as possible after 9/11 to hang around the neck of any credible dissenter who might appear.

They did such a good job of 'shocking and awing' the people into a catetonic state that people were not picking up on the clues they scattered around all over the place fast enough. It got to the point where Bush had to go before the UN in november 2001 and give his famous 'let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories'' speech. Dang....that was the very first I and most other people had heard about 9/11 conspiracy theories.Now you know why Bush sat in the school looking like a boiled frog for so long.

And no, i don't think the planes had anything to do with the buildings falling down.
At 3:26pm on August 18, 2010, Dean said…

Sandy, was this the story about Milteer you were talking about. This was on Fox and an ex-FBI agent says that a man named Milteer threatened to kill JFK two weeks before Dallas! Also, he is sure LHO did not commit the crime!
At 10:55am on August 18, 2010, Dean said…
Hi Sandy,

I had not heard about the Fox show about Cleveland. I will keep trying to find it. I was not familiar with Milteer. Was he connected only to JFK or 9/11 as well?

Anyway, thanks for the heads up! How have you been?


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