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At 9:33am on January 17, 2012, Chuck Boldwyn said…
Engineering is Applied Science, mostly Physice & Math.
Explosives Engineering is Applied Chemistry,, Physics, & Math
A lot of it is "State of the Art" Science.
My conjecture is that research models of sections of a WTC were built and explosively tested until they got it right, in Israel weapons research center using theWTC floor plans provided by theWTC owner Silverstein
At 6:57am on November 6, 2010, sandy rose said…
yeah. sounds like Don Adams has still some collection of stuff from the
archives. i think fox8news.com or fox8.com or something has some of it.
ya don't suppose anyone will actually do anything with his info......
he seems to want to get it off his chest while he still can.
At 10:33am on November 2, 2010, Shallel Octavia said…
Hey Snady -

Here are some links re. Don Adams:



Yeah, It was a coverup. You don't need my immense cerebral volume to figure that one out!
At 5:13am on November 2, 2010, sandy rose said…
hey, Thoth II, you have seen any of the stuff about this retired fbi guy
Don Adams and what he is now saying about JFK? he was on our local
news last night, i can't seem to send the link, but it can be found by
searching 'don adams on fox 8 news nov. 1" i know this is a subject
very dear to you and wonder what your opinion would be about what
Mr. Adams has to say. about a guy milteer with inside info. hope you
can watch the clip. more stuff about it at fox8.com, i think it was.
At 6:34pm on October 24, 2010, Anna Yeisley said…
They don't think of us as looney, they think of us as threats to their covert control over our media, courts and political system.
At 10:16pm on October 19, 2010, Anna Yeisley said…
You'll see that there is a REAL conspiracy between several parties, the CIA, the Corporate heads, and the political party leaders to use media to fool and manipulate the thinking of the populace. The public education system and yes the higher education system is in it too, controlling the infromation that goes to our medical professionals and higher institute learning. My cum laude college graduates both believe that they can only believe what's in their school's libraries and are taught to distrust ANYTHING coming from over the Internet. How convenient!
At 10:10pm on October 19, 2010, Anna Yeisley said…
The real kooks are those who think that conspiracies are not real. They are the real loonies. Can anyone who sees the JFK's head fling backwards from a bullet in front then see his fling forwards from being hit from behind (not necessarily in that order) really believe in the sole lone gunman theory? Now that's kooky. I hate to be graphic but when you see the reels of Kennedy's assassination which should have been done by every reporter (but guess what no one was taping it except 1 or 2 people) - no way when you see those reels you KNOW that Kennedy's shots were multidirectional. The Bay of Pigs another conspiracy. Once the American public realizes that our whole history is a re-writing of history a coverup by media AND the important know nothing public education system, you begin to see.
At 10:09am on June 8, 2010, sandy rose said…
hey, Thoth II,
what's happenin?
just wanted to say hi.

hi! i miss hearing from you. don't be a strangler!
At 12:23pm on May 13, 2010, sandy rose said…
"The Long Run" lyrics


"The Long Run"

I used to hurry a lot, I used to worry a lot
I used to stay out till the break of day
Oh, that didn't get it,
It was high time I quit it
I just couldn't carry on that way
Oh, I did some damage, I know it's true
Didn't know I was so lonely , till I found you
You can go the distance
We'll find out in the long run
(in the long run)
We can handle some resistance
If our love is a strong one (is a strong one)
People talkin' about is
they got nothin' else to do
When it all comes down we will
still come through
In the long run
Ooh, I want to tell you, it's a long run
You know I don't understand why you don't
treat yourself better
do the crazy things that you do
'Cause all the debutantes in Houston, baby,
couldn't hold a candle to you
Did you do it for love?
Did you do it for money?
Did you do it for spite?
Did you think you had to, honey?
Who is gonna make it?
We'll find out in the long run
(in the long run)
I know we can take it
if our love is a strong one
(is a strong one)
Well, we're scared, but we ain't shakin'
Kinda bent, but we ain't breakin'
in the long run
Ooh, I want to tell you, it's a long run
in the long run
in the long run, [etc.]

when i hear this song, i just did, it reminds me of 9/11 truthers
and our endless struggle. you know the tune, eh?
ya can find it at lyrics.com i think... we is gonna make it. stay tuned.
At 10:16am on May 13, 2010, sandy rose said…
well i hope you certainly keep on keepin on, Mr. Thoth man.
i feel your pain, and that of all truthers.
it's just like a nightmare that ya can't wake up from, and it
screws with your very soul. some day some one should do a
study of how 9/11 and the knowledge of the inside job has affected
us all psychologically. wow. there would be a long novel. as if

finding out the truth wasn't bad enough, then we have to live for
all these years seeing nothing being done about prosecuting
the swine. we live with a hell of an ugly. it's probably the
toughest things most of us REAL truthers have endured, ever.

the good news is that truthers have it all sewn up, bagged
and waiting for action. truthers have done their part. no doubt.
although i think we should find ways to do even more.....and
one of the greatest things about all of the 9/11 truthers all over
the world is that at least we know we are not alone.
thru the hopelessness and despair and horror and guilt,
at least we know we are not alone. and we can and have talked about
9/11 etc til the cows came home, and that has been great, but
i think even more important is just that we have a connection
with and for each other, cause we need each other to keep some
sense of sanity intact.

feel free to vent my way any time. the despair is better with
a pal. don't let it eat you whole.
thanks for all you do, Thoth Man II, and carry on, please!
At 12:33pm on May 3, 2010, sandy rose said…
hi Thoth II,
how is all with you? haven't heard from you lately.
seems to be a trend. i hope we haven't given up. any
other things we might try? was wondering if you have
an specific theory about planes on nineleven...

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