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At 7:33am on November 20, 2011, sandy rose said…

thanks for replying, Dean.  i see you have some other things

on your page that i want to check out.   and i plan to listen to

the rest of your Killtown interview soon.  neato.   keep on!

At 3:49pm on November 19, 2011, sandy rose said…

hi Mr. Dean!

     glad i checked in with your page just now, i look forward to

checking out your interview with Killtown!   musta missed it before!

     every time i look thru our members i can't help wondering what

you are up to now!!!@    i feel rather fortunate that you have stuck

with us and contributed greatly with your publications about 9/11.

whatchu been up to lately?  

     haven't heard from you in a while.

      i still am impressed with your ability to absorb what you learned

about planes and passengers, etc.  and to have open enough mind

to 'go there', no matter how freakin weird it all sounds. 

      i miss hearing from you here and there, hope you and yours are

well, and look forward to hearing from you again sometime in future!!


      with your ability to publish stuff, i often wonder what you are

up to at any given moment!    don't be a stranger!          sandy



At 12:01pm on August 20, 2011, Clare Kuehn said…
Hi, Dean. I could be better, but that's usual. How are you? Thanks for adding me as a friend. :) What's new?
At 10:46am on August 5, 2011, sandy rose said…

hi Dean, how you be?

     i tried to send you a sorta lenghty e here thuther day

and made the puter freeze.  whups.

     thank you for all you have done, and putting stuff into print

about the big lies, i most certainly appreciate it.

     any thoughts about any big bangs of our own we might

bestow on the misguided/criminal gummint this ugg decade 9/11?


     it is my thunk that we shant let it pass by without at least

creating a spark.  

     for me the anger never ceases and we need our ya know, outlet.

     your knack of doing what you know is correct is impressive,

considering the hoes we is up against.  thankee muchee.

     and holler if you have any ideas for creative actions for decade 9/11.

At 6:51am on November 6, 2010, sandy rose said…
good! glad you have a little niche around here, too. i guess that was out
of akron. hey, Mr. Adams lives about 15-20 minutes from me! i hope you
got to see the clip. doubt if anyone offishal will do anything with the info
but cover it up more.... like 9/11. glad you are well, keep up good work.
At 5:06am on November 2, 2010, sandy rose said…
hi Dean, how's things?
Don Adams was on our local fox 8 news again last night, the
80 year old retired fbi guy who knows stuff about the JFK , you can
search 'don adams on fox 8 news nov. 1' and find the clip of him on
last night, i think you might be interested.
i hope all is well, good articles you have put out lately. i like.
At 6:37am on August 20, 2010, sandy rose said…
yeah, that's the one! and holy crap, i did not catch that Don
Adams lives in the same county in ohio as me! whoa.
yeah, i wish you could have seen the report on the nooze.
i generally don't trust the news, and still don't know quite what
to make of this, but the dude sounded genuine to me. i
wonder how this fits in with the rest of the bogus story.

i am okie dokie and hope you are well thanks for the linkie!
At 7:04am on August 18, 2010, sandy rose said…
so yeah, don't have time to read the stuff, but a search of those
names brings up info. i don't remember those names from your
book but possibly you already know this stuff??
so it's out there.. i'm curious about this guy's angle. he said
on the report that with those guys getting up there in age the
truth needs to come out while some of them are still around..hhmm..
At 6:53am on August 18, 2010, sandy rose said…
hi Dean,
hey!! i thought of you and your book last night when i
caught a report on (eew) FOX news out of cleve land, about
the JFK murder. and wondered if you have heard about or
seen it yourself..
if i can find it pronto with search i'll quick look to see if
there's stuff online about it, don't have much time at the mo..
i'd rather you hear it yourself rather than me try to tell what
it said, but it was about a dude i think he was former FBI
called Don Adams, and he was talking about a nother dude
last name Milteer, who was supposedly at the JFK murder
scene, and knew it was going to happen before it did, etc.
not sure what to make of it but it was interesting, and
supports the notion that the offishal story was crap. ..i think..
i don't know if the report aired on FAUX chanels all over
the place or if it was just local, if i find info online i send,
but thought you might find it of interest, and others maybe too.
At 2:19pm on May 22, 2010, sandy rose said…
Dean, thanks for your reply about how you got into 9/11 truth.
i sometimes think Fate has a hand in things, and i think it's
a good thing that you and Jim Fetzer crossed paths. a lot of
people, even if they KNOW, choose to keep their thoughts to
themselves. we all know what slime we are dealing with. eew.

power to those who speak out, even if their voice shakes.
Jim Fetzer in my book is one of the best truthers of all time.

i will also say in 'public' that i really appreciate your
listening to no planer views, and considering that as a possibility.
i'm pretty damn sick of those who will do whatever it takes to
avoid that. i also find them a bit fishy..........
even if it seems way off balance to you now, or in the past,
or even in the future, i believe that no planers have it basically
sewn up, they know their stuff, they're not trying to push it onto
the public, and if people look at the freakin videos, well.......
for me that's all it took. and if people refuse to 'go there', then
i have to wonder about their truthiness.

yeah, it sounds insane, but let's remember, it WAS insane.
(i think the perps of 9/11 fame belong in a maximum security
prison for the criminally insane.) love, sandy. peace out.

At 12:08pm on May 19, 2010, sandy rose said…
hi Dean, did you

know there is a simple way to make some money
with the internet?

but seriously, i take fleeting moments to get my
e time in, not enough time per day for my doodies....
you made a petition, now it's off the page and i wann
see the thang, so um,..... where the heck did it go?

i don see it here. so i'm wondering how you came about
this 9/11 stuff? suddenly, there you were. i have no
suspicion of you, i think you are one of us....just curious...

you can hep us i would think. man, do we need it.............errggggg...
i would like to sign your tishin after i'n read the thang....

thanks for your efforts, man, do we need a whole bunch of efferts..........:(
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