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Obama Lied, Osama Bin Laden died 10 years ago - How can Osama Bin Laden die twice?

Best video on the Bin Laden fraud. Bin Laden died 9-1/2 years ago, his body kept on ice for a future bump in ratings for whomever needed the bump.

Who doesn't know april 29-May1 was Beltane wiccan/Satanic holiday. 2 rituals went on that weekend. Marriage of reptilian royals Kate & William & Beatification of John Paul II. Using the stir in spirit world Obama dropped this lie of Bin Laden's death just before midnight when plenty of witches/actors had been been bussed in chant for demonic power.

Obama is an occultists. You can see his is clearly a plant by NWO fascists and Illuminati. He is an ass-kisser and an American killer. Obama is a greedy liar as are all politicians in Washington. They are occultists, witches & masons.

Please go add em and subscribe to his channel now! http://www.youtu...

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