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WikiLeaks has given the mainstream media yet another opportunity to vilify Iran. A typical headline, from the New York Times was: "Around the world distress ...

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Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 20, 2011 at 1:05am
PissyLeaks is a mossad op.  if you read PROTOCOLS of the LEARNED ELDERS of ZION, this whole plan has been in place to destroy the planet and put us 'goyim' into a betari box of incessant war and financial shakedowns that will allow these 'chosen ones' to rule in absolute dominion over us.  Assmange's legal team are directly linked to Evelyn De Rothschilds.  You'd think these guys would be a little less 'obvious' about their propaganda boy, Assmange...should have used a Wilmington, DE mailbox to pay his legal defense fund thru on the bullshit rape charge they created to get people to think he was truly a whistleblower being retaliated against.  same goes for ANONYMOUS hackers.  another ROTHSCHILDS gang production out of London, but most people aren't smart enough to see that yet.  In time they'll figure it out.  maybe.

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