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Chemtrails/Incendiaries/Dessicants based/Media/Globalist hyped False Flag Global Warming

Global Warmibg & Climate Change are orchestrated False Flag events, all of them, provably so, every one of them, so stop promoting fossil fuel based Global Warming and do promote incendiaries & Dessicants based Chem-Trails Spraying based Global Warming, Wake Up to the science being engineered/facilitated to fool you all, making you all look like Media & Globalist cheerleaders, just like Thumberg/Dumberg/Child Crisis Actor.

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if you do not understand Science and the physical and chemical properties of incendiaries and Dessicants as nano-sized Chemtrails spraying, you cannot understand orchestrated False -Flag Global Warming/ False Flag Climate Change.

it is what it is and it is criminal and crooked and nasty and villainous, to say the very lest and they have the whole world fooled into being their cheerleaders, except Trump and this learned Scientist.. deal with it all you non-scientists...and want to be Scientists...

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